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Lazy Valentine – JANI

Incredible entrance to the industry.

JANI’s only gone and penned a soundtrack for every heartaching experience we’ve all had in common. This pop punky 3 and a half minute track is the perfect length and packed full of storytelling lyrics, punky chords and even a an acoustic breakdown found at the 2:30 minute mark! 

As a listener you get the sense that JANI is speaking from past experiences and pulling inspiration from the treacherous waters of previous loves, what a way to close the door on your past. 

The musicianship throughout “Lazy Valentine” is loud, in your face and most importantly… in time. The drum work throughout the track is standout and proves to be a noticeable asset to this punk track and works in unison with the excellent guitar work and bass playing. For a first release, JANI’s style, vocals and vibe is revolutionary and this won’t be the last we see of her in the Void. 

So if your looking for a new track to add to your playlist about breakups or to help you get over your one… “Lazy Valentine” should be your next goto track! 

Goosebump Metre
Lazy Valentine – JANI

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