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A Glimmer of Light & A Parting Presence

My most recent body of work was “A Glimmer of Light & A Parting Presence”. A key area of interest in this work was the experience of “being” within the modern world and contemporary Dublin with a particular focus on public transport. I see public transport as an everyday space that embodies much of the world around us. Concurrently a very individual and internal space, a space of calmness and reflection, where people are capable of shutting out the external world. Whilst also being a space of hyper-connection, where the paths of countless people overlap. A potentially stressful and crowded space, a concentration of today’s constantly connected world. I’m interested in this duality, the calm in contrast to the hectic and excessive nature of the everyday and mundane.

In my work, I try to capture these experiences. Photographs taken throughout my day are used to create the compositions for my paintings. Through the process of painting obscuring the image, letting chance and spontaneity dictate the process, submerging, dragging and pouring paint across the surface and sometimes reconfiguring the paintings structurally. My hope for the work is to embody the lack of control we have in life and to convey a sense of fading memories or fleeting moments. The paintings then further guide the creation of the installations and sculptures in the surrounding space, which I hope will further immerse the viewer in the work.

Matthew Coll | Artist | Dublin, Ireland

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