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The two underlying themes of Heaven and Hell (H&H) offer different interpretations of the song’s meaning. The first one revolves around the discovery of faith and how it can uplift one’s spirit, even while struggling. It is about finding hope and inspiration in a higher power and using that to cope with life’s hardships. On the other hand, the second theme focuses on the dynamics of a relationship, where one person gives themselves completely to the other, knowing that they hold the power to either bring happiness or destruction. This theme highlights the intensity and passion of a romantic relationship and how it can be both heavenly and hellish.

The song was produced by Cruiser, a well-known producer who has collaborated with prestigious companies such as Sony, Interscope, X Factor, and the BBC. His frequent partnerships with Sync Licensing/publishing companies have helped him establish his name in the music industry. Moreover, Christoph ‘Hadl’ Hassel, a skilled German-based producer who has worked with labels like Sony, Universal, Warner, and Fox TV, contributed to the track by refining the vocals and arrangement. His incredible ear for music has enhanced the song’s overall quality.

While creating H&H, Micah drew inspiration from several artists like Kate Bush, Fletcher, Halsey, Evanescence, and Sia. This song’s artistic direction is a departure from her previous work, but it is one that she is eager to explore due to her music background. The darker theme offers Micah a new perspective on music and allows her to showcase her versatility as an artist and we here at void magazines are very excited to hear more from her! 


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