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Ouroboros – Midnight Wayne

Psychedelic Soundscape 

“OUROBOROS” by Midnight Wayne is a captivating journey through psychedelic rock, a four-track EP that skillfully intertwines cosmic themes with raw musical experimentation. Wayne’s adept production takes listeners on an immersive sonic adventure, where swirling melodies and introspective lyrics merge seamlessly. Each track exudes a distinct aura, inviting the audience into a world of self-discovery and transcendence.

The EP kicks off with “INTUITION,” an electrifying opener swirling with ethereal synth layers and potent drum patterns. A Jiddu Krishnamurti quote sets the tone, guiding listeners through a sonic voyage that embodies the essence of intuition as the whisper of the soul. The fusion of two bass guitars and vocal delays creates a rich, otherworldly atmosphere, setting the stage for the cosmic journey ahead.

“GET WHAT YOU GOT” delivers a bass-driven, hook-laden track that explores themes of personal transformation. Laden with affirmations about staying true to oneself amidst change, it’s a testament to embracing authenticity without losing sight of one’s core identity. This single stands as an anthem of positivity and self-discovery, wrapped in a dynamic musical landscape.

“DREAM mOVER” represents experimentation at its core. Wayne revisits a Hot Sprockets recording, manipulating it in reverse on vinyl and infusing it with new life through Protools and additional instrumentation. This track serves as a testament to Wayne’s creative prowess, pushing the boundaries of sonic reinvention within a psychedelic framework.

Closing the EP, “MOMENT” encapsulates a slice of psychedelic pop that urges listeners to embrace the present. With lyrics advocating the release of future worries and tensions, the track is a cosmic invitation to ground oneself in the now. Its psychedelic essence, paired with an evocative melody, resonates as a reminder to live in the moment and savor its fleeting beauty.

“OUROBOROS” embodies Midnight Wayne’s musical prowess, encapsulating a transformative sonic voyage that seamlessly intertwines introspection and cosmic exploration. Each track adds a layer to the EP’s overarching narrative, inviting listeners to immerse themselves in a kaleidoscope of psychedelic soundscapes.

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