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Mikey Cullen, Pistol & Leah Moran’s “Butterfly”

A Melodic Mantra of Embracing Change

Mikey’s song “Butterfly” is more than just music; it’s a rhythmic mantra for embracing change and managing life’s difficulties. Mikey writes a rhythmic manual for life in every line, which he delivers with a fluid flow that combines with the beat. His unique Dublin accent and dialect provide authenticity, mirroring the process of self-realization that gave rise to these songs.

The crux of this song is a laid-back, uplifting Hip-Hop sound, enhanced with synthesisers and an instantly catchy bassline. “Butterfly” develops like a musical voyage throughout, with new instrumentation—such as the saxophone and strings—added in each segment. Its unique sound is defined by the captivating contrast between Mikey’s unpolished voice and Leah’s mellow, catchy chorus.

Originally intended to be a personal mantra, the words capture progress in the face of adversity and have a global appeal. Mikey’s reflective journey comes through, conveying a message that is both broadly applicable and deeply personal. This growth is reflected in the music, as each layer adds to a tapestry that encourages listeners to welcome change and find comfort in its cadence.

“Butterfly” is a musical representation of personal development. The idea of welcoming life’s uncertainties with open arms is encapsulated in the single, which features Mikey’s honest lyrics and Leah’s melodic refrains. The transition of the instrumentation—from the saxophone to the strings—reflects the development that the words portray. This song is more than simply a piece of music; it’s a journey that captures the beauty that comes from acceptance and resiliency. “Butterfly” is a compelling hymn to development and self-discovery because it softly invites listeners to dance through change, finding comfort and strength in its lyrical embrace.

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Mikey Cullen, Pistol & Leah Moran’s “Butterfly” / Void Reviewed
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