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Mixtape 06

Introducing Mixtape 06: A Vibrant Collaboration Showcasing Rudy, Vaelin, Waterdogs, Bernard M, and Sena Dee. Join us on a mesmerizing sonic voyage brought to life by Voidmagazine. With meticulous care, we’ve curated this anthology of tracks spotlighting the extraordinary talents of Rudy, Vaelin, Waterdogs, Bernard M, and Sena Dee. Each artist brings their distinct musical essence, crafting a collaborative masterpiece that promises an immersive auditory adventure. Prepare to be enthralled by the amalgamation of their unique expressions, as this tape paints an enchanting and diverse sonic landscape.

Lily pad by Rudy

Indie-magination in full swing. Beautiful stuff.

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Young by Bernard-M

A modern yet nostalgic classic.

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I’ll Be There by Sena Dee 

A cross-genre vibe featuring diverse voices and styles.

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be my shadow by Vaelin

A narrative progression with a sublime mysterious voice.

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Stone Driver by Waterdogs

A portal back to the realm of experimental rock.

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