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“Mixtape” by Voidmagazine is a small but powerful playlist of five new music releases from a diverse collection of emerging artists. This carefully curated selection showcases a range of genres, including indie, electronic, pop and rock, all united by their creativity and unique sound. Each track takes the listener on a different journey, offering a fresh and authentic perspective on the world of music today. Whether you’re a music aficionado or just looking for something new and exciting to listen to, “Mixtape” has something for everyone. So sit back, relax, and get ready to discover some of the most exciting new sounds on the music scene.

Lisa Keane

“How it feels”


Lisa Keane’s “this is how it feels” is a fresh and upbeat pop track that is sure to put a smile on your face. The song is the perfect addition to your summer playlist, with its fun and catchy melody that will have you dancing along in no time. Produced by Sam Stevenson, the song’s production is top-notch and perfectly captures the feel-good vibes that the artist was going for.

Mixed by Adam Shanahan and mastered by Richard Dowling, the song’s sound is crisp and polished, making it a joy to listen to. The lyrics explore the excitement and happiness that comes with being in love, and the artist’s vocals are perfectly suited to the song’s upbeat and positive message.

Overall, “this is how it feels” is a fantastic addition to any pop music lover’s collection. Its catchy melody and uplifting lyrics make it the perfect feel-good song for any occasion. So turn up the volume and let yourself get lost in the joyous sound of this fantastic track.




Noroi’s Adrastea EP presents a deeply imaginative and distinctively futuristic sound that is embodied in its electronic music. The EP comprises four tracks, the first of which, “Stay,” presents a powerful fusion of emotive breakbeat and evocative vocals. The second track, “Untitled Jungle,” is a genre-defying jungle track that builds up to a fist-pumping crescendo, featuring a collaboration with VSC. 

On a more introspective note, “Chrysalis” creates a restorative atmosphere with delicate layers of reverb-drenched instrumentation and the transcendent vocal delivery of Tokyo Witch. The EP ends with “Transoceanic,” an energetic piece that blends percussion and atmospherics, culminating in a sound that defies definition.


“We Float Down Rivers”


Velourias’ “We Float Down Rivers” is a dynamic and engaging rock song that showcases the band’s talent and enthusiasm for the genre. From the opening chords to the final notes, the track brims with energy and attitude, driven by the powerful vocals and tight instrumentation of the three core members.

The chord progression is memorable and infectious, providing a solid foundation for the song’s catchy melodies and driving rhythms. Overall, “We Float Down Rivers” is a great example of how rock and roll can still be fresh, exciting, and relevant in today’s music scene. Fans of the genre should definitely check out Velourias and their impressive new track.




Dollface’s “Tiired” is a hauntingly beautiful alt-rock track that showcases the artist’s impressive range of talents. The song features a mesmerizing chord progression that hooks you from the start, drawing you into a dreamy world of introspection and longing. The narrative lyrics paint a vivid picture of the struggle to find meaning in life, capturing the essence of the human experience with raw honesty.

As the song progresses, the melancholic tone builds to a powerful crescendo, culminating in a distorted breakdown that leaves you breathless. Dollface’s ability to evoke such intense emotion with her music is a true testament to her artistry and skill. The production is flawless, with every element of the track expertly crafted to create a cohesive and immersive experience

Dutch Schultz

“Whose Is This DNA”


 “Whose Is This DNA” is a powerful anti-antidepressant anthem that addresses the over-prescription of SSRIs in modern healthcare. The lyrics question the motives behind the quick administration of these drugs, highlighting the potential for harm and the financial gain that pharmaceutical companies make from them.

The track was recorded and produced by Dutch Schultz themselves, and mixed by renowned producer Dan Austin. The result is a polished and impactful sound that captures the essence of the band’s message.

Beyond its message, “Whose Is This DNA” is an anthem for self-empowerment and finding happiness on one’s own terms. The band urges listeners to stand up for themselves and seek fulfillment beyond material possessions.

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