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Hxney hits the ‘Sweet Spot’

The creative process for this song has been one of my best experiences with songwriting and even with recording in the studio when I was…

Catching up with Walshy – A Vivid Visionary.

“mm mm good (in the cellar)” is about the love for things that seem good in the moment but could end up being bad for…

Plunging into music with True Tides

Our tunes typically starts with a musical idea, a chord progression, a riff or sound that’s developed until a song start’s to come to life.…

Rock Reborn in The Donny’s Latest Track ‘Back & Fourth’

Back And Forth was written by lead singer Oisín Conroy in summer 2022. The lyrics are about fluctuating feelings of distance and closeness in a…

First Look: Nerves on their latest “Takes A Second” music video

Takes a Second is the first song we wrote from a large batch of new material. We have been progressing in an increasingly heavy and…

Amy Ellen on her track ‘Leave Me’

The lyrics and melody in the chorus were originally part of a song that I had started to write a few years ago, but something…

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Main Stage

Becoming Unstuck from Normality

August 11, 2023
“Ointment” consists of 5 killer songs each with their own twang and spice, there is something for everyone here and it’s fantastic to witness a…
Main Stage


May 5, 2023
Finding the words to describe the work and performance of Emmet O’Brien is no easy task. The 24-year-old from the Northside of Dublin is a…
Main Stage

Underbite by KhakiKid

May 2, 2023
The verses speak to darker times in Khaki’s past, a feeling of having nothing but holding on to what you do have. On the collaboration,…
Main Stage


October 14, 2022
Favourite band will always be The 1975, I’m an avid vinyl collector and I’ve been looking to complete their collection for years, I just needa…
Main Stage


September 30, 2022
The young Dublin newcomer known to her friends as Faith Nico has been gently bubbling beneath the musical waves of the unforgiving Irish Sea, and…

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