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These lads have layers… layers upon layers… very similar to an Onion. Onion Boys have peeled back those smelly layers to release an energetic, punky and catchy – in your face track featuring an infectious melody brought to the surface through a rebellious spirit. We got speaking to these self proclaimed lost – life wanderers on their latest tune and you can check that out below! 

The collective words of Onion Boys for Voidmagazines All Rights Reserved © Void Magazines

We were the midst of Lockdown when we wrote this one. We always felt like classic onion boys , those feelings were just made stronger with everyones life on pause.

In a room playing GTA 5 drinking 660 mls of Birra Moretti outta small glasses tickled Leadpipe Daniel the Dangerous beatmaster fingers began laying down a beat. He picked up a guitar in standard tuning and hit record and played the first riff that came out. The lyrics followed a similar eb and flow, with Johnny Dublins lyrics falling apart at the second prechorus which seemed all to fitting anyway.

The song all fell onto the longering feelings before the lockdown which were exemplified ‘How because of the inhospitable Hotel Hellscape of contemporary Dublin we’re stuck in this perpetual transient half life.

There’s a surface level exuberance and cheerful nihilism but that’s actually just masking the pain of the inertia that is being a young adult in Dublin. A tragic combination of an uninhabitable city and our own pathetic uselessness.

We actually just wanna have wives and kids and gaffs but we’re doomed to play PlayStation and regurgitate rock-‘n’-roll cliches

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