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The band’s latest release is a stunning pop soundscape that serves as a gentle reminder that love can be painful, but there’s always hope on the horizon. Tomorrow (Maybe I’ll Be Alright) has a touch of poetry and romance, wrapped up in a starry-eyed perspective. It’s a timeless tale that resonates with everyone who’s experienced heartbreak.

Despite its allusions to struggles with heartbreak, the song ultimately delivers a message of optimism and hope. The catchy melody and chorus hook form the backbone of this message, while the band drew inspiration from legends like The Beatles, Bowie, and the greatest crooners of all time to create a bright and twinkling masterpiece.

With Tomorrow (Maybe I’ll Be Alright), the band has crafted a work of art that encapsulates the human experience of love and loss. Its powerful message is sure to resonate with anyone who’s ever gone through heartbreak, reminding us that brighter days lie ahead.

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Written by: Robert Byrne @robvoidrob

Produced by: Voidmagazines @voidmagazines

Original Images provided by: Jawdropper Music

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