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We’d love to hear how about your work. The method or equipment you use and the technique that goes with it all. Connect with your feelings and tell us why you started this adventure of creativity in the first place. What drives you to continue creating and what do you aim for people to feel when they see your work.

I like trying new things and tailoring my photos to the vibe of the people I’m shooting, this involves getting to know them, which explains why most of the people I work with end up becoming life long friends! I allow my creative direction to be heavily influenced by the music / poetry / feeling of the shoot which is why I have many different styles and love exploring photography almost as a performance.

I mostly work with musicians and poets. I help run a music and poetry night in Sin E called Dublin’s Finest and I am always around creative people. I love bridging the gap between music and visual art, meeting with a client and coming up with ideas for videos and creative shoots.

My favourite piece of equipment I have is a canon 1200D which I operated on to turn it into a full spectrum camera. It records infrared light and mimics Aerochrome film. I’m so proud of that camera and only use it on very special shoots. I mostly use film, NISHIKA N800 for “wiggleys” and my 38+ other film cameras. I love to go overboard and get super wacky with shoots, glueing things to my lenses / using kaleidoscopes and building sets.

I love the tactility of scanning negatives, it feels like uncovering physical memories in my brain, I can spend hours doing it and don’t notice the time go by. I always found that photography helped me make sense of the world.

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