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Plunging for the truth with True Tides

We’re plunging into deep waters as we welcome ‘True Tides’ to the Void. This 3-man band has been making waves (no pun intended) around Ireland with their unique and fascinating colossal sound that is nothing short of exhilarating and addictive… won’t be long before they’re considered contraband! In an exclusive Void interview, we’re going behind the band and understanding where the music comes from, what album they’d smuggle in a music outlawed world and what’s happening in November!

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The year is 2099, music is outlawed. Which one album do you smuggle with you to keep forever?

That’s a difficult question! The three of us have so many different musical influences that inspired us to pick up an instrument and play. From David Bowie to 80s influences such as the funk pop perfection of Prince or the Police to the lyrics and vocal tones of Jeff Buckley to more recent artists such as the 1975 and M83, there’s so much to choose from! If I was pushed I think I would go with Talking Heads ‘Stop Making Sense’ live album. It’s so inspiring; from the song writing to the detailed thought put into the live production of the songs to the energy, showmanship of David Byrne and the excitement of the live performance of the album as it builds through the set. It’s incredible!

Your music sounds much larger than what a typical three man group can produce, the synth soundscapes combined with melodies, vocals and more creates an “earsperience” “like no other What does the process of a True Tides track look like? Lyrics before melody or vice versa?

Our tunes typically starts with a musical idea, a chord progression, a riff or sound that’s developed until a song start’s to come to life. Cian will usually start the process and the chords and sounds of a song idea will start to create a feeling, an emotion and imagery that lends itself to lyrics that flow from that point. He will then bring this demo or idea to brothers Conor and Eoghan who then add to this, creating a tapestry of sounds and ideas that eventually become a True Tides song, of course always using our layers of harmonies that we’ve been singing at each other since we were kids! I’ve learned so much in the crafting of a song through collaborating with other amazing songwriters in recent years, co- writing songs with Steve Garrigan of Kodaline, including 2 songs on the last Westlife album; chart-topping singer-songwriter and former X-Factor contestant Lucy Spraggan and Danny O’Reilly of the Coronas. On our new single, out on Thursday 24th August, we co-wrote with our good friend and incredible musician Lar Kaye of All Tvvins and co-produced with our bud Adam Redmond from the band Just Wondering. I’m heavily involved in the production of each track in collaboration with the absolute legend and friend of the band Philip Magee and between us all we create pop tunes with a depth and energy that we’re really proud of.

25th of November will come at us fast! You’re taking the stage with Post Party What can we expect at your show?!

We can’t wait for our Dublin show on 25th November at Opium. It’ll come at the end of our November tour when we’ll be playing venues across Ireland, starting in our native Cork and finishing in Dublin with support from the amazing Post Party band. Playing music to an audience is the reason we picked up instruments and started making noise in the first place. We love the buzz of performing live and the connection with other people in a room generates an electric energy that’s moving and exciting and liberating. We’ve also been busy in studio writing and recording some new tunes that we can’t wait for you to hear. It’s going to be a cracking night! Make sure to grab your tickets now!

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