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Mixing it up in Mixtape 06!

Void Magazine curated a collaborative article titled “Mixtape 06,” featuring tracks from five diverse artists. This initiative aimed to provide a unique streaming opportunity for artists, boosting engagement and generating excitement around their music. With a swift one-week delivery, the article garnered exceptional engagement, amassing 9,000 reads within the first week and eventually reaching 17,000 since publishing. Through compelling descriptions and a follow button directing listeners to artists’ social media, “Mixtape 06” successfully amplified the reach and impact of the featured tracks, fostering support within the creative community.

Service Outcome


Void Magazine curated a full collaborative article titled “Mixtape 06,” featuring tracks from five diverse artists. Each artist’s track was showcased alongside a brief description, offering readers a comprehensive listening experience and highlighting the breadth of talent within the creative community.


The primary aim of “Mixtape 06” was to provide a unique streaming opportunity for artists, allowing them to have their tracks prominently featured on Void Magazine’s platform. By offering this exposure, Void Magazine aimed to support emerging artists and provide audiences with fresh and engaging content to discover and enjoy.


Void Magazine’s mission with “Mixtape 06” was to boost engagement and generate excitement around the featured tracks. Each track was accompanied by a compelling “Press Bite Sentence,” describing its essence and inviting listeners to explore further. Additionally, a follow button was included to direct listeners back to the artists’ social media profiles, fostering continued support and connection.


The collaborative article was delivered within a swift one-week timeframe, ensuring timely publication to coincide with the artists’ promotional activities and schedules. This efficient turnaround allowed artists to leverage the exposure and momentum generated by the feature to amplify their reach and impact.


“Mixtape 06” received an overwhelmingly positive response from the audience, garnering exceptional traction on both social media and the Void Magazine website. Within its first week, the article amassed an impressive 9,000 reads, which later surged to an outstanding total of 17,000 since publishing. This significant engagement underscores the success of the collaborative effort in capturing the interest and enthusiasm of readers and listeners alike.

“5 artists applied to be featured in our Mixtape space which is a popular collaborative article that enables the artists to receive consistent uncapped exposure. After the submission review stage we were thrilled to publish this and it's still gaining views! ”

Robert ByrneEditor, Void Magazine

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Mixing it up in Mixtape 06!