Aoife’s ‘Shelter’: An Odyssey of Sound

Aoife’s “Shelter” case study offers a glimpse into the collaboration between the talented musician and our magazine. Featuring a fully written professional article followed by an engaging interview with the artist, this case study highlights our commitment to providing a platform for artists to share their stories and music. With a focus on boosting engagement and hype around Aoife’s latest release, “Shelter,” our mission was to showcase their artistry and invite audiences to connect with their emotive sound. Within a tight 1-week turnaround, we delivered compelling content that resonated with audiences, resulting in outstanding engagement on social media and our website. The case study showcases how our services can elevate an artist’s presence and amplify their music to a wider audience.

Service Outcome


Void Magazine produced a fully written professional article followed by an in-depth interview with the artist Aoife, highlighting their latest release “Shelter”. Additionally, the feature included a Spotify streams feature to showcase the reach of Aoife’s music.


The primary goal was to provide Aoife with a platform to share insights about their latest release, “Shelter”, allowing Aoife to connect directly with their audience and deepen their understanding of their music and creative process.


Void Magazine aimed to boost engagement and generate excitement around Aoife’s latest release, while also informing the audience about an upcoming live performance, fostering anticipation and attendance.


The entire project was completed within a swift 1-week turnaround, ensuring timely delivery of the feature to coincide with the release schedule.


Void Magazine surpassed expectations by delivering the feature ahead of schedule, allowing Aoife to leverage the content for promotional purposes well in advance of the release date.


The feature was exceptionally well-received by the audience, garnering significant attention and generating buzz on social media and the Void Magazine website. Within its first week, the article amassed an impressive 7,000 reads, which later surged to a remarkable total of 11,000, showcasing the widespread interest and engagement generated by Aoife’s story and music.

“Providing a space for Aoife to express themselves in an environment that resonates with creative people was a thrilling achievement. A fantastic and compelling song on a great platform.”

Robert ByrneEditor, Void Magazine

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Aoife’s ‘Shelter’: An Odyssey of Sound