James Carrol-Freeney


James Carrol-Freeney’s “And The Worm Saw The Divil” Exhibition

In this case study, we delve into our collaboration with artist James Carroll-Freeney to showcase his exhibition through a fully written professional article and an engaging interview. Alongside the article, we curated a gallery of James’s work from the exhibition, providing readers with an immersive visual experience. Our primary motive was to provide James with a platform to share his insights, influences, and inspirations behind the exhibition, while our mission was to generate excitement and engagement around the event. With a quick one-week turnaround time and delivery ahead of schedule, our collaboration exceeded expectations, garnering exceptional engagement on social media and our website. The article received 5,000 reads in its first week, which later rose to 9,000, demonstrating the effectiveness of our approach in amplifying our client’s presence and reaching their audience.

Service Outcome


Void Magazine crafted a comprehensive article and conducted an in-depth interview with artist James Carroll-Freeney, spotlighting his recent exhibition. The feature showcased a gallery of his captivating artwork and included a call to action inviting readers to experience the exhibition in person.


The primary objective was to provide James with a platform to discuss his exhibition, influences, and creative process, allowing him to connect directly with his audience and deepen their appreciation of his artistry.


Void Magazine aimed to generate excitement and engagement surrounding James’s exhibition, encouraging attendance and fostering a deeper understanding of his work among the audience.


The project was completed swiftly within a one-week timeframe, ensuring timely delivery to align with the exhibition schedule.


Void Magazine exceeded expectations by delivering the feature ahead of schedule, empowering James to leverage the content for promotional purposes well before the exhibition opening.


The feature garnered exceptional engagement, sparking significant interest and discussion on social media and the Void Magazine website. Within its first week, the article garnered 5,000 reads, which later surged to an impressive total of 9,000, underscoring the widespread interest and impact of James’s exhibition and artistic vision.

“We were all thrilled to write about such a compelling exhibition. James' exhibition may have ended but it's story, work and captivating canvases will live on eternally in the Void.”

Robert ByrneEditor, Void Magazine

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James Carrol-Freeney’s “And The Worm Saw The Divil” Exhibition