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Editorial: Written articles from featured external writers.

The place to publish your writing and studies.

A space where words transcend boundaries, ideas converge, and stories come to life. Within these pages, we present the Journal and the Issue, two realms where knowledge meets creativity. Led by the Void Editorial Team, these sections are more than collections of words; they are portals to understanding, perspectives, and journeys of discovery. In the Journal, our pens dance across a spectrum of subjects, from in-depth analyses to personal reflections. Here, we dissect and celebrate, question and appreciate. The Issue, on the other hand, is a tapestry woven with contributions from both our in-house visionaries and external wordsmiths.

Why publish your work in the Void editorial section?

  • With over 15,000 monthly visitors, your work will be discoverable amongst many other creative studies.
  • Build upon your existing foundation of writing skills.
  • Featured on our exclusive magazine platform. (website, social medias and possibly print)
  • Your work will exist in our exclusive creative space.
  • All credits and copyrights are shared between the writer and the magazine.
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Related Info &  F.A.Q

How to qualify your article.

In order for your article submission to be accepted, there are a few steps you need to pay close attention to. These stages have been implemented to maintain the Void high standard of publication.

  • Minimum 300 word article.
  • Creative-orientated subject-matter.
  • Grammatically correct.
  • Non-political.
  • Non-AI generated content.
  • Thorough proof-read.
  • Engaging and unique writing style.

Your article is not guaranteed to be accepted, but following these crucial points will greatly increase your submission’s publication chance.

Stages of article submission.

Here are the stages along with important information when it comes to featuring your work on our platform.

  • Submit Your Article
  • Article Review Stage
  • Await Article Publishing
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Writing and media.

Here are the stages along with important information when it comes to featuring your work on our platform.

Your article in a usable format. 

  • Word
  • PDF
  • Google Doc


  • High quality media: images, videos, etc.
    • The files must be named accordingly “Copyright Owner Name_Article Name_Writer Name_Void”  
  • You must gain consent and permission from the media’s original copyright holder (e.g. This would be the original photographer/videographer)
  • You will be held accountable for granting the copyright of these images.

We greatly appreciate writers who pay close attention to detail and work within our submission guidelines. All of this information is vital in ensuring we credit all people involved in the article. Failing to do so will hinder your article’s submission.

How do I submit for a Void feature?

You can submit by following the instructions found on the below submission link. You will need to:

  • Provide at least 3 High quality media in a google drive or dropbox link.
  • You own and consent to Void using the media provided for web, socials and print feature releases. (The images may be edited)
  • Answer the interview question(s).
  • Provide Contact details.
  • Be willing to collaborate on social media(s).
  • Follow our accounts on social media – @voidmagazines.


You can take the Void Magazine enquiry interview at the bottom of this page.

Average wait time on feature release?

Due to our high-demand we recommend reaching out to Void for a feature at least 1 month in advance.

However, should this not be an option we provide an option to boost your feature into a semi, high-priority, and elite-priority queues. 

Benefits of featuring your writing in Void.

There are multiple benefits that compliment a Void Magazine feature, some of which, but are not limited to are the following:

  • Average 15,000 monthly Void website visitors.
  • A mark of creative distinction.
  • Your article will be found on Google.
  • A fantastic way to gain experience.
  • Join our esteemed Void featured writers, artists and creatives.
  • A writing foundation built through Void.
  • Your article may be found in our various print releases.

We have collected a number of testimonials from our Void featured artists and creatives.

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Can I remove my feature from your website?

Yes, if there is any issue in the future regarding your feature and you wish for it to be removed we can help you remove it.

Progression pays off: Void’s writer tier lists.

Cameo Writer

Cameo writers have published 1-2 articles in the Void.

3 Articles

Occurring Writer

Occurring writers are Void semi-regular writers who have published 5 articles in the Void.

5 Articles

Featured Writer

Featured writers have penned multiple articles in the Void and continue to break the mould for creative publication. Their articles may appear in Void print releases.

10 Articles

Void Writer

Void Writers are established writers who have featured 15+ articles in the Void. They produce flawless content and continue to strive for world-class quality. Their articles will appear in Void print releases. You will be found on our website.

15 Articles

Article Interview Submission

What is Editorial

The idea behind launching “Issue/Journal/Editorial” was to give the creative public the opportunity to release a portion of their work inside our editorial section. Publishing your work to an audience can be a tricky minefield to navigate, especially when you’re new to the scene. This is where we come in, why not reach out with your material and allow Void Magazine to digitally publish your work for the thousands of readers we receive each day to read and view?

You can also email us regarding your submission entry, please follow the steps as outlined on this webpage and make sure to attach all your media and text within a google drive folder or dropbox.

Reach us at

Crucial Writer's FAQ and Info

Publish Guide

Editorial Publish Guide

Please take a moment to view the 3 stages mentioned below. It is important to label the interview sections correctly in your email/dropbox when communicating with us. Should you have any questions or queries regarding featuring your creativity within the void, please reach out to us!

Stage 1 - Interview Question

Stage 2 - Featured Piece of Writing

Stage 3 - Media

  • Images – To support your feature, include press images, concert images and profile images. These will be used as promo for your feature.
  • Videos – Please include any videos you believe would aid your feature. Performances, work, abstract videos, art etc.
  • Sound – Please include any videos you believe would aid your feature. Performances, work, abstract videos, art etc.
  • IMPORTANT: You must send these files in a dropbox or a google drive folder. Do not attach in an email. We will not receive them.
  • IMPORTANT: You must include the author of the media within the filename. e.g. “Charlie_Kelly_Photography.jpg”
  • IMPORTANT: By sharing your media with Void Magazine: you agree to our Terms of Service.

Closing thoughts

Submission Guidelines

Our submission guidelines are crafted to ensure a seamless and beneficial experience for contributors seeking to feature their creative journey. By adhering to these guidelines, submitters increase their chances of qualifying for a Void feature. For text interviews, thoughtful and engaging responses are encouraged, offering insights into the submitter’s unique perspective. The guidelines stress originality and clarity, enhancing the storytelling process. On the media front, adherence to high-quality standards, explicit consent from media owners, and proper file naming conventions streamline the publication process.

Social Media Collaboration

As we all know, social media is what makes or breaks a story in the modern era. We like to use social media to share your feature with a much wider audience. In order for us to achieve this, we would appreciate your co-operation on the collaboration.

You’ve probably seen collaboration posts on Instagram already, but did you know there’s multiple benefits to this feature? Including the featured post to be seen upwards of 85% more including being seen on the explore page which greatly enhances the reach of the featured story.

If you’d like to know more about social media collaboration, please refer to our F.A.Q.


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