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Stitched: The full feature and interview space for designers.

Void’s full feature and interview space for designers.

Every thread weaves a story, and within the tapestry of fashion, designers are the master storytellers. Welcome to Stitched, a sanctuary within Thrifty where we unravel the rich narratives that give birth to each masterpiece. With each stroke of the needle and every stroke of inspiration, designers breathe life into their visions, crafting more than just garments – they craft tales of innovation, resilience, and creativity. Join us as we pull back the curtain, unveiling the world behind the seams. Exclusive interviews, behind-the-scenes glimpses, and intricate details await your discovery. Stitched is your passport to the captivating stories that adorn our lives.

Where every stich is sewn, our exclusive space for designers.

  • Our most proclaimed space for fashion and design.
  • A full Void written feature.
  • Full interview.
  • Featured on our exclusive magazine platform. (website, social medias and possibly print)



Feature Article & Interview Service.



Basic Article & Interview Service.
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What is Stitched

We keep Stitched for exclusive features with a full interview. Think of Stitched as your own personal show. For the most full published article we produce at void, we keep our Stitched space reserved for you. Here is where you’ll answer questions and give us the best insight into the artist behind the art. Use Stitched to express yourself and share your personality and work with our readers!

Void Feature Article and Interview Service Publish Guide

Stitched Publish Guide

Please take a moment to view the 2 stages mentioned below. It is important to label the interview sections correctly in your email/dropbox when communicating with us. Should you have any questions or queries regarding featuring your creativity within the void, please reach out to us!

Stage 1 - Interview

Stage 2 - Media

  • Images – To support your feature, include press images, concert images and profile images. These will be used as promo for your feature.
  • Videos – Please include any videos you believe would aid your feature. Performances, work, abstract videos, art etc.
  • Sound – Please include any videos you believe would aid your feature. Performances, work, abstract videos, art etc.
  • IMPORTANT: You must send these files in a dropbox or a google drive folder. Do not attach in an email. We will not receive them.
  • IMPORTANT: You must include the author of the media within the filename. e.g. “Charlie_Kelly_Photography.jpg”
  • IMPORTANT: By sharing your media with Void Magazine: you agree to our Terms of Service.

Closing thoughts

Submission Guidelines

Our submission guidelines are crafted to ensure a seamless and beneficial experience for contributors seeking to feature their creative journey. By adhering to these guidelines, submitters increase their chances of qualifying for a Void feature. For text interviews, thoughtful and engaging responses are encouraged, offering insights into the submitter’s unique perspective. The guidelines stress originality and clarity, enhancing the storytelling process. On the media front, adherence to high-quality standards, explicit consent from media owners, and proper file naming conventions streamline the publication process.

Social Media Collaboration

As we all know, social media is what makes or breaks a story in the modern era. We like to use social media to share your feature with a much wider audience. In order for us to achieve this, we would appreciate your co-operation on the collaboration.

You’ve probably seen collaboration posts on Instagram already, but did you know there’s multiple benefits to this feature? Including the featured post to be seen upwards of 85% more including being seen on the explore page which greatly enhances the reach of the featured story.

If you’d like to know more about social media collaboration, send us an email!


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