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Void Walk: The interview space for individual style and thrifted choices.

Void’s “More than a fit-pic” interview space.

A spotlight within Thrifty that celebrates individual style and mindful choices. In this space, we journey alongside individuals who wear their values, exploring how they seamlessly blend fashion, sustainability, and self-expression. Each outfit becomes a canvas, reflecting not only personal aesthetics but also a commitment to the planet. With a focus on eco-conscious decisions and thrifted treasures, VoidWalk showcases the harmonious marriage of style and ethics.

Why the spotlight in VoidLight?

  • An exclusive space to showcase your fashion choices and sustainable motives.
  • Our dynamic feature and interview space for Fashion enthusiasts.
  • Written article.
  • Concise and direct interview.
  • Featured on our exclusive magazine platform. (website, social medias and possibly print)

Related Questions

Do you qualify for a feature?

In order for your feature submission to be accepted, there are a few stages that you need to qualify for. These stages have been implemented to maintain the Void high standard of publication.

  • High quality media.
  • You own and consent to Void using the media provided for web, socials and print feature releases. (The images may be edited)
  • Interview questions have been answered.
  • Contact details provided.
  • Willing to collaborate on social media(s)

How do I submit for a Void feature?

You can submit by following the instructions found on the below submission link. You will need to:

  • Provide at least 3 High quality media in a google drive or dropbox link.
  • You own and consent to Void using the media provided for web, socials and print feature releases. (The images may be edited)
  • Answer the interview question(s).
  • Provide Contact details.
  • Be willing to collaborate on social media(s).
  • Follow our accounts on social media – @voidmagazines.

Average wait time on feature release?

Due to our high-demand we recommend reaching out to Void for a feature at least 1 month in advance.

However, should this not be an option we provide an option to boost your feature into a semi, high-priority, and elite-priority queues. 

Benefits of appearing in Void.

There are multiple benefits that compliment a Void Magazine feature, some of which, but are not limited to are the following:

  • Average 15,000 monthly Void website visitors.
  • A mark of creative distinction.
  • Your article will be found on Google.
  • A fantastic way to gain new fans.
  • Join our esteemed Void featured artists and creatives.
  • Positive press, courtesy of Void.
  • Your article may be found in our various print releases.

We have collected a number of testimonials from our Void featured artists and creatives.

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Can I remove my feature from your website?

Yes, if there is any issue in the future regarding your feature and you wish for it to be removed we can help you remove it.


Thrifty Submission

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VoidWalk is a quickfire fit pic combined with a behind the scenes dialogue on your fashion style and design. Understanding where the inspiration comes from…
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  • Social Media and Website Feature
  • Thousands of Readers
  • Informative and Modern
  • Concise and digestible format
Void Walk


Void Walk


November 13, 2022
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