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By purchasing a “semi-priority queue” from Void, your feature will be given publishing priority above all “free” feature submissions.

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What is a Priority Queue?

Our priority queue service efficiently streamlines the average wait time for your feature release. Scroll through the below carousel for an in-depth timeline of the service.

Related Questions

Is priority queue mandatory?

No, priority queue is not a mandatory service. Void will continue to publish features without your addition of a priority queue.

Please expect a queue time of at least one month, which is why we recommend to submit for a feature one month in advance.

Feature submission and Priority queue connection.

We will see this on our records once you have used the same email address in your feature submission.

Additionally, you can fill in a form which is found in your purchase receipt to alert us of your priority queue purchase and feature submission.

Can I purchase multiple priority queues?

You may purchase additional priority queues if needed, but you cannot purchase more than one at the same time.

Benefits of appearing in Void.

There are multiple benefits that compliment a Void Magazine feature, some of which, but are not limited to are the following:

  • Average 15,000 monthly Void website visitors.
  • A mark of creative distinction.
  • Your article will be found on Google.
  • A fantastic way to gain new fans.
  • Join our esteemed Void featured artists and creatives.
  • Positive press, courtesy of Void.
  • Your article may be found in our various print releases.

We have collected a number of testimonials from our Void featured artists and creatives.

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