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Railwayman – Drying Weather

All aboard the Drying Weather locomotive.

Traversing through the musical terrain, the band has finally released their much-awaited single “Railwayman”, a track that’s been a fan favourite in their live sets for years. The studio version has done justice to the much-loved track and producer Eoin Whitfield has managed to bring all the moving parts together into a cohesive whole.

The band has been tight-lipped about the explicit meaning behind the lyrics, but the words paint a picture of two different people who have achieved something significant in their lives. While one person can die happy with what they’ve contributed to the world, the other struggles with the feeling that no amount of success or recognition will ever be enough.

Dónal Kennedy’s lyrics are just as impressive as the instrumentals – he embodies multiple narrators in an emotional rollercoaster that will leave you breathless.

The track showcases the band’s versatility, with a rumbling bassline, driving guitars, and the steam engine of Conor Timmons’ powerful drums that whip by at a high pace. The song builds up to a clattering crescendo of swirling distortion and Biffy Clyro-inspired violin.

Railwayman captures the human instinct to never feel like you’ve ‘made it’, even when it seems like you’re at the top of your field. This track will surely leave you in awe with its fast pace and thought-provoking lyrics, a true gem from the band.

They’re shaking things up with their newest single, Railwayman. This track is a departure from their usual sunny sound, but it’s not to be missed. It’s a wild ride with a rumbling bassline, driving guitars, and Conor Timmons’ powerhouse drums. As the song progresses, it builds to a clattering crescendo of swirling distortion

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