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Disregard by Fulvetta

Gaze with your ears upon this shoegaze sound. 

Fulvetta’s “Disregard,” a 3-minute, 45-second sonic soundscape, seamlessly blends ethereal shoegaze with new wave lyricism. The track’s unique sound and estranged ambiance immediately draw listeners into a dreamlike atmosphere. Intricate drum patterns provide a dynamic foundation, and when the drums kick in, a wave of unapologetic noise erupts, adding a thrilling intensity. Spiralling sounds create unpredictability, enhancing the overall hypnotic allure.

The emotive vocals are a standout feature, traversing a spectrum of emotions and adding a human touch to the ethereal soundscape. In this track, Fulvetta not only pays homage to shoegaze but also pushes the genre into uncharted territories. “Disregard” is a mesmerizing exploration of sound that invites listeners to get lost in its immersive beauty, leaving an indelible mark on the soul.

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