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Kilkenny born, bred and based band are having some kind of rock… renaissance?

With the rattle of snare and the chugga chugg of that vivid blues driver, joined by a heavy bouncing bass, I was sucked in like a moth to a flame. This was my first thought as the vocals of Oisín Conroy pierced through my speakers. A formidable five-piece, they wield their instruments with mastery, crafting a soundscape that’s exhilarating.

At the 2-minute mark, the track takes a momentous turn. A killer guitar solo emerges, reminiscent of the legends like Rory G, igniting the sonic landscape with its searing notes and expressive bends. It’s a nod to the guitar greats, a homage that showcases their musical finesse and willingness to channel the spirit of Irish rock’s iconic figures.

As the song unfolds, you’re carried along by the rhythmic cadence and the narrative woven by Conroy’s vocals. The synergy between the instruments is undeniable, a testament to the cohesive vision that “The Donnys” bring to life.

We’ve gone behind the track in an interview with the Donnys, check that out below and follow them over on Instagram t keep up to date with them

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Back And Forth was written by lead singer Oisín Conroy in summer 2022. The lyrics are about fluctuating feelings of distance and closeness in a relationship and how there is no way to truly know how one or the other feels or thinks. It was brought to the band and through extensive jamming and practicing it was honed into a track to add to our set list. The sound developed further as we played it live time and time again and eventually we decided to record it in our local recording studio here in kilkenny ‘Crossroads Recording Studios’.

We utilized the large space they have available and did a live room recording of the track and overdubbed vocals and guitar solos. Our producer Shane Tobler perfected the mix and we sent it off to be mastered by Richard Dowling with WAV mastering Limerick.

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