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Rudy’s ‘Stevie’ an ode to a legacy

Disguised as a dreamy shoegaze soundscape, ‘Stevie’ is an ode to one of the greats. Rudy combines her writing and musicianship to create a beautiful track to honour the legacy of her idol. The dreamy vibe throughout each verse acts as the soundtrack to previous loves, keeping that old flame alive. With the track coming through to life with the work of Daniel Farrell (Sourfruit) Cian Tisdall, and Aran Sheehy we can be sure this won’t be the last we will be hearing from Rudy. 

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I wrote stevie as a way of processing my first ever break up. My first boyfriend and I used to dance to Fleetwood macs ‘everywhere’ and that’s where I got the lyric “I thought i’d be with you everywhere” and also the name of the song. Most people assume it’s about someone called stevie but it’s actually stevie nicks that inspired the title. I wrote the song in about half an hour I think, it was one of those ones that comes to you really easily. I thought the chords were really nice and then I just started improvising lyrics. I haven’t really changed anything from the first lyrics that came to me as I was writing them up to now. There was a lot of teen angst being channeled while writing and i think that comes across with intensity of the chorus in particular, when i play the song I become so animated its like im back being 19 again and thinking “no one has ever been as heart broken as I am now”  which is so melodramatic but that drama is where great songs come from, you have to be a bit unhinged ahah.

I had been playing the song live with just me and a guitar for about a year before I was joined by my incredible band and they helped me to really bring it to life, it was so fun to finally hear what I wanted in my head out loud in the real world. I was listening to alot of Prefab sprout while we recorded the song and I definitely think you can hear that in the sound of the song. The song was produced entirely by Aran sheehy and I cannot express my gratitude towards him enough, he did such a great job creating a really exciting song that I’m so proud of.

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