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Providing an audience

for the alternative

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Why we do what we do

Providing our clients with an audience is a thoroughly rewarding service that we take immense pride in. From music, fashion, art, and written studies and articles: Void Magazine is a hub for all forms of creativity.

Robert ByrneFounder of Void Magazine

Our Services: At A Glance

Experience the pinnacle of exposure with our Article & Interview Service, where we provide a platform for your creative journey to shine and gain unparalleled visibility. Elevate your presence in the industry with our Press Article Service, as we transform your ordinary press release into a captivating feature in Void Magazine. Receive comprehensive and positive evaluations of your creative endeavours through our Review Article Service, covering events, songs, and more. Collaborate with like-minded artists through our Collaborative Article Service, showcasing your latest tracks, albums, or artwork to our engaged Void audience.

James Shannon


I feel as an artist I can express my creative ideas and reach a new audience. Their interview section is something I feel is new in terms of music and creative media in Ireland, a space that’s provided to artists to showcase their work, something I feel hasn’t ever really been there or been as accessible.

Real people and
authentic results

Mikey Cullen

Musician, Poet

Working with Void magazine was an absolute pleasure. In the team I found a committed and enthusiastic reception from people committed to highlighting our vibrant Art scene, from up and coming artists to those already established.

What we do for our featured creatives

Enabling artists to receive publicity

Void Magazine provides a platform for artists to showcase their work to a wide audience, ensuring they receive the publicity they deserve.

Providing an audience for artists

Through our digital and print publications, Void Magazine offers artists the opportunity to connect with a diverse and engaged audience eager to discover new talent.

Positively representing artists

Void Magazine is committed to portraying artists in a positive light, highlighting their talent, creativity, and contributions to the arts community.

Bridging the gap between creativity and publication

Providing a platform for artists to share their work and ideas with the world.

Void Services

Article & Interview Service

Our premier opportunity to showcase your creative journey and gain unparalleled exposure.

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Void Services

Press Article Service

Transforming your press release into an engaging and captivating feature in Void Magazine.

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Void Services

Review Article Service

Comprehensive positive evaluations of various creative endeavours, including events, albums, songs, & more.

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Void Services

Collaborative Article Service

The opportunity to showcase your latest tracks, albums, or artwork with the Void audience.

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Professionally Written
Positive Representation
Social Media Engagement
Continuous Publicity

 We’re a publication and editorial focusing on creativity and freedom of expression.

We recognize that creativity is not just a talent that some people are born with, but rather a skill that can be developed and cultivated over time.

Through articles and interviews, Void Magazine provides insights into the creative process, and offers practical advice and tips to help individuals unleash their own creativity.

We believe that creativity can be enhanced when people from different backgrounds and fields come together to share their ideas and perspectives.

By featuring artists, musicians, writers, and designers from various industries and countries, Void creates a platform for these collaborations to happen and for creative minds to connect.

Please see below the three stages of our recommended submission cycle. This has been implemented to guide and educate the client on their chosen article service.

Stage 1: Understanding your chosen service

Here is where we explain your chosen article service including all necessary details. 

In this stage you can discover the article services we have available. You can learn about the service timeline, the category options we have available and view relative case studies from previous clients.

Stage 2: Article Service Breakdown

Here is where we breakdown the process and benefits behind the service you have chosen. 

In this stage you can learn more about your chosen service. Throughout our category genres we have multiple options with varying benefits and narrative styles. You can use the breakdown features to fully explore these options.

Stage 3: Article Interview Submission

Here is where you make your submission to be featured in a Void Magazine Article. 

In Stage 3, you have decided which service option is right for you. Here is where you can read our terms and conditions, important submission guidelines and take part in a submission interview.

So, what do you do?

Please browse the below options and choose an option that you associate with.

Learn more: How to be featured in Void

Stage one, two, and three explained.

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Looking for something to read? Why not check out our 60 page Pilot Issue magazine for Void? Featuring 71 total artists across music, art, and fashion genres: There is something in there for everyone!

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