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Void Magazine Services

How To:

Get Featured In Void Magazine

Stage 1

Understanding The Service

In this stage, users gain a comprehensive understanding of Void Magazine’s services, including Article and Interview, Review Article, Press Article, Collaborative Article, and Free Article options. They learn about the benefits, submission process, and timeline, while also exploring case studies from previous featured clients. Each service may contain more than one service option. 


Explanation of each service option.

Article and Interview, Review Article, Press Article, Collaborative Article, Free Article.

Benefits overview.

Increased visibility, professionally written content, positive representation, social media engagement, continuous publicity, affordability.

Timeline from submission to publication

Estimated timeframe for each service option.
Stage 2

Choose Article Service Option

Clients select their preferred service option based on their creative needs. Whether they’re musicians, artists, writers, or press professionals, for example: if you’re a musician – Void offers tailored options such as Main Stage, The Charts, Poetry, and Mixtape, each with unique benefits.


Service option selection

Choose from various options based on creative form and objectives.

Benefits overview for each option.

Highlighting specific advantages of each service.

Variety of options for different creative forms.

Services tailored to musicians, artists, writers, press professionals, etc.
Stage 3

Service Enquiry

Clients can easily inquire about their chosen service option through a dedicated enquiry link. They are encouraged to review terms and conditions and submission guidelines before proceeding.

The enquiry link submission is found at the bottom of each service option (stage 2). 


Access to enquiry form

Make a direct enquiry to Void Magazine.

Guidance on reviewing terms and conditions

Importance of understanding policies before making an enquiry.

Get Featured In Void

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