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Service Pricing

Affordabe Exposure

  • Basic Interview
  • Publication Date Choice
  • Basic Inclusion In Print Release
  • Social Media Post
  • Full Premium Interview
  • Publication Date Choice
  • Premium Print Release Inclusion
  • Social Media Post
  • Article Gallery Option
  • Recurring Social Media Post
  • Featured This Week Option
  • Full Professional Review
  • Publication Date Choice
  • Positive Rating
  • Social Media Post
  • Inclusion In Print Release
  • Featured This Week Option
  • Narrative Article
  • Publication Date Choice
  • Social Media Post
  • Basic Inclusion In Print Release
  • Interview Option
  • Music Streaming Function
  • Press Bite Included
  • Custom Link

Are you a recurring artist or within the client and artist management industry?

If you have previously been featured in Void Magazine and wish to be featured again, you may be entitled to the “Recurring Artist’s Program” which makes our services available to you at a discounted price as a gesture to continue supporting your creative endeavours.

Likewise, if you are an individual within the “Client and Artist Management” industry, you may be offered to access Void Magazine services via the “Client and Artist Management Program” as a gesture towards supporting the artist’s you represent.

If this sounds like you, please contact us to learn more.

We also provide a free article & interview service.

Step into the spotlight with Void Magazine’s Free Article & Interview Service! Calling all creative minds from every corner of the artistic spectrum – whether you’re a musician, writer, artist, or innovator, our platform welcomes you. Experience the thrill of sharing your latest creations and insights with our passionate audience.

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Read our Pilot Issue!

Looking for something to read? Why not check out our 60 page Pilot Issue magazine for Void? Featuring 71 total artists across music, art, and fashion genres: There is something in there for everyone!

The Void Magazine Pilot Issue

Featuring 71 artists across 60 uninterrupted, advert free pages. The Pilot Issue is ready to #FillYourVoid