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The Elite

Promotional Package
  • 4 in 1 Service Package
  • Strategic & Planned Publishing
  • Prolonged Exposure
  • Infinite Discoverability
Void Services

What is the Elite Promotional Package

The Elite Promotional Package from Void Magazine is a comprehensive solution designed to empower artists and creatives with unparalleled visibility and recognition. This exclusive package offers access to all of Void’s premium services, including Feature Article & Interview, Review Article, Press Article, and Collaborative Article, providing a holistic approach to promoting your work. By bundling these services together, clients can streamline their promotional efforts and maximize their impact, reaching a broader audience and enhancing their professional reputation.

  • Uncapped Exposure
  • Professionally Written
  • Capturing your Creativity
  • Uncapped Audience
  • 15,000 Monthly Void Visitors
  • Social Media Support
  • Continuous Promotion
Professionally Written
Positive Representation
Social Media Engagement
Continuous Publicity

With over 15,000 monthly Void visitors, our platform is the place to be. Join hundreds of featured artists in the Void today.

With the Elite Promotional Package, clients benefit from a cost-effective solution that combines the expertise and resources of Void Magazine to showcase their talents and achievements. Whether you’re a musician, artist, fashion designer, writer, or more, this package offers a versatile platform to share your story, connect with your audience, and elevate your brand.

In today’s competitive landscape, standing out is more important than ever, and the Elite Promotional Package provides the tools and support needed to make a lasting impression.

From in-depth articles and interviews to positive reviews and collaborative features, the Elite Promotional Package offers a range of opportunities to showcase your creativity and engage with your audience in meaningful ways.

By leveraging Void Magazine’s extensive network and expertise, clients can amplify their reach, build their brand, and position themselves for success in their respective industries. With the Elite Promotional Package, the possibilities are endless, and the journey to success begins with a single decision to invest in your creative vision.

Strategically plan the publication dates.

Strategically planning your publication date is a key aspect of maximizing the impact of your articles and ensuring sustained engagement from your audience. Rather than releasing all your articles at once, consider extending the publication over a selected timeframe to maintain momentum and capture the attention of your audience for a longer duration. By spacing out your article services strategically, you can create anticipation and excitement among your audience, keeping them engaged and eager to discover more about your creative endeavours.

This approach allows you to capitalize on each article’s individual impact, giving them the attention and visibility they deserve. It also enables you to maintain a consistent presence in the minds of your audience, keeping your brand top of mind and reinforcing your message over time. Additionally, by strategically planning your publication dates, you can align your articles with relevant events, milestones, or promotional campaigns, further enhancing their effectiveness and relevance to your audience.

Interview Submission

After your Void submission, we will review your submission to ensure your content and interview qualifies for publication. Read our submission guidelines for more information.

Quote & Service

Once your submission has passed the review stage, Void will contact you with a quote for the full feature article service. You may request additional services such as ticket vending and event passes here.

Service Commencement

Here is where the Void team will work on your Void Feature. Your article will be written by our Editorial team and graphics will be designed and ready for web, socials and print.

Feature Publication

We’re all set for your article to go live! This isn’t the end, we also continuously re-feature your article on our socials and website through our “Featured This Week” addition.

Included in this service

Everything is included from the offered Void Services within this package.

Featured on our Online Platform

Your article service will be published on our platform

Featured in our print releases

Your article  will be printed in our various print releases.

Featured on our Social Media

Your article will be published on our social medias.

Package Bundle

The following is included within the package.


Part 1

Feature Article & Interview Service.


Part 2

Review Article


Part 3

Press Article.


Part 4

Collaborative Article Service.

Submission Guidelines

Please utilize our resources to adhere to our Void Magazine submission guidelines.

Service Option Navigator

Choose your profession and view the available service options.

Guideline For Getting Featured

Explaining the 3 steps to a Void Magazine feature.

  1. Choose your service
  2. Choose your service option
  3. Enquire for your service option.

Service Benefits

Outlining the commercial service benefits associated with featuring in Void Magazine.

Enquire for this package

If you'd like to access this package deal, please send us an email.

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