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Guideline: Sharing Media with Void

Please utilize this guideline to adhere to our Shareable Media Guidelines for your Void Feature Submission.

Stage 1: Choose the media you wish to share.

Minimum media requirements:

  • Please aim for high quality media.
  • The media should be above 2mb in file size per image/video. This increases media quality.
  • The media should be appear to be professionally shot.
  • There should be at least 3 images per submission.

What we look for:

  • Photographs
  • Videos
  • Abstract Videos
  • Music Videos
  • Editorial Videos
  • Informative Videos
  • All media can be submitted to Void.

Good Media Examples:

What if: "I don't have any media that adheres to the guidelines."

If you do not have any media that adheres to the guidelines of a Void submission, we would recommend to postpone your Void application and reach out to a local photographer who specializes in shooting photographs for the subject matter you are involved in. Then, once you have gathered sufficient media that qualifies for a Void Submission, please share the new media with us. As always, please ensure you adhere to our Terms and Conditions.

Stage 2: Sharing your media with Void.

This is a guideline for sharing your media with Void Magazine using a cloud storage platform such as Google Drive or Dropbox.

What you need to do:

Create a folder within your chosen cloud storage platform (Google Drive or Dropbox, Please avoid WeTransfer as the expiration links to download media will expire and thus disqualify your submission.) Call the folder “Void Magazine Media”. Within the new folder, upload your chosen media. Rename the chosen media within the folder to the name of the original copyright holder – e.g “Peter_Smith_Photography.jpg”. In this folder you can also include any supporting documents (.word .pdf etc.) Important: Please ensure that the folder is in an “Unlocked” or “Editable” state so the Void team can access and download the media.

Please see the below step by step guideline to assist you for using Google Drive. Using Dropbox has minor differences but ultimately is the same process. If you are familiar with sharing media via Cloud Storage, please skip this stage.

Google Drive Guideline

Step 1:

Create a folder within your chosen cloud storage platform (Google Drive or Dropbox, Please avoid WeTransfer as the expiration links to download media will expire and thus disqualify your submission.) Call the folder “Void Magazine Media”.

Step 2:

Create a new folder within your Google Drive.

Step 3:

When making a new folder, rename the folder “Void Magazine Media”.

Step 4:

Select and enter the folder “Void Magazine Media”.

Step 5:

You are now in the “Void Magazine Media” folder.

Step 6:

Select the large “+ NEW” button and select the “File Upload” option.

Step 7:

Navigate to where you keep your images on your device. Select the Images on your device and upload them to the folder. You can “Drag and Drop” these files into the folder too. This method works across all devices.

Step 8:

Ensure the media is named according to our terms and conditions: Please name the media under the name of the original copyright holder. e.g ” Peter_Smith_Photography.jpg”

Step 9:

Sharing the media is easy, just select the small down arrow beside the folder name and select the “Share” option and then the next “Share” option.

Step 10a:

To enable Void to access the media through the shareable link. please change the “Restricted” access to “Anyone with the link” by pressing the small down arrow.

Step 10b:

This is what that looks like.

Step 10c:

Once you have the “Access Updated” notification, you have changed the general access condition. Great!

Step 10d:

Now, all you need to do is select the “Copy Link” button and the shareable link will be copied to your device.

Step 11:

Paste the shareable link to your “Void Magazine Media” folder into your interview media submission question.

Additional Media Guideline

Media Quality Standards:

Void Magazine maintains high standards for media quality. Ensure your photos are in 1080p resolution, videos meet quality 1080p quality criteria, and images are at least 1MB in size to guarantee optimal representation. Media not meeting these quality standards will not be used.

Obtaining High-Quality Media:

It is recommended to engage a known photographer or one whose style aligns with your preferences. Ensuring high-quality media is essential for successful feature submission.

Impact of Media Quality on Submission:

Media quality directly affects submission acceptance. Failure to meet Void’s standards will disqualify the submission.

Consent Requirement from Media Owners:

Submitters must secure consent from media owners, even if they are the subject matter. Sharing media with Void signifies agreement to our terms and confirmation of having obtained consent from the media owner.

Responsibility and Ownership:

Submitters are responsible for any obligations related to the shared media. By submitting media to Void, you assert either ownership of the media’s copyright or having received consent for Void’s use.

Ownership of Shared Media:

Submitters retain ownership of all shared media. However, sharing media with Void grants permission for its use across Void’s platforms, including web, social media, and print. Void may edit media to fit brand guidelines without hindering the submitter’s brand.

Void’s Editing Policy:

Void may edit shared media to align with Void’s brand guidelines. No edits will be made that negatively impact the submitter’s brand.

File Naming for Media Sharing:

Media files should be named in the following format for proper crediting: “Media Copyright Owner_Feature Submission First Name Last Name.jpg”

Accepted File Sharing Platforms:

Void accepts media submissions through Dropbox, Google Drive, iCloud, and OneDrive. Submission links are available in the Void submission Google Form. We do not accept WeTransfer links due to potential expiration, which may disqualify submissions.

Thank you for reading our Sharing Media With Void Guideline.

If you are still unsure about anything, please reach out to us.
By sharing media with Void you agree to our Terms and Conditions.


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