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Service Commercial Benefits

Exclusive Void Coverage

Enables the client exclusive Void Magazine coverage featuring their creative endeavors, enhancing their visibility and prestige within their industry.


Provides the client with on-demand coverage, allowing you to select the desired publication date according to the client’s schedule and promotional strategy.

Published Article

Allows the client to receive a published article in one of our various print releases, extending their reach beyond digital platforms to a broader audience. (Service depending)


Ensures the client’s discoverability through online searches via SEO on our platform, increasing their visibility and accessibility to potential collaborators, fans, and industry professionals.

Reputable Platform

Provides a professional and reputable platform for the client’s work, enhancing their credibility and authority within their chosen artistic field.

Endless Opportunity

Offers access to Void Magazine’s network of collaborators and industry professionals, opening doors to potential partnerships, collaborations, and opportunities for growth.

Picture this for a moment:

After months of tireless dedication, countless late nights, and unwavering determination, you’ve completed your latest project. The anticipation builds as you prepare to unveil your innovation to the world.

But as you’re about to launch, a thought crosses your mind: what if someone searches for your project online? That’s where Void Magazine steps in.

With our services, we offer a prestigious platform for readers to discover your latest work, significantly boosting your creative visibility. Through professionally written articles that positively represent you, we provide unparalleled publicity and unlock endless opportunities for commercial success. It’s time to showcase your brilliance and elevate your creative journey with Void Magazine.

From our services to step-by-step guides, our magazine serves as a trusted companion on your journey toward personal and professional growth.

James Shannon


I feel as an artist I can express my creative ideas and reach a new audience. Their interview section is something I feel is new in terms of music and creative media in Ireland, a space that’s provided to artists to showcase their work, something I feel hasn’t ever really been there or been as accessible.

Real people and
authentic results

Mikey Cullen

Musician, Poet

Working with Void magazine was an absolute pleasure. In the team I found a committed and enthusiastic reception from people committed to highlighting our vibrant Art scene, from up and coming artists to those already established.

Additional Benefits


Increased Visibility:

Void Magazine provides a powerful platform for artists and creators to enhance their visibility by showcasing their work to our extensive and diverse audience, helping them reach new audiences and expand their presence in the creative community.

Professional Article:

Our team of experienced writers ensures that every article we produce is crafted with professionalism and attention to detail, offering a compelling narrative that accurately represents your creative journey.

Global Recognition:

Void Magazine offers artists and creators the opportunity to gain global recognition by featuring their work in an internationally renowned publication. With our wide readership and online presence, artists can showcase their talent to a global audience, establishing their presence and reputation on a broader scale.

Positive Representation:

We believe in celebrating creativity in all its forms and strive to represent artists and creators positively, highlighting their unique talents and contributions to the artistic community.

Social Media Engagement::

Through active engagement on social media platforms, we extend the reach of your work, fostering connections with our audience and generating meaningful interactions that amplify your presence online.

Uncapped Publicity & Potential:

With our services, your work receives ongoing publicity as we promote it through our various channels, ensuring that your creative endeavours remain in the spotlight long after their initial feature.

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