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Understanding your chosen service

Void Review Service

  • Your Music, Event or Other Reviewed
  • Continuous Discovery
  • Professionally Written
  • Uncapped Exposure
Void Services

Void Review Service

The Void Review Service offers comprehensive evaluations of various creative endeavors, including events, songs, albums, exhibitions, and more, providing detailed insights and constructive feedback. Each review is professionally written with a focus on positive representation, ensuring that the artist’s vision and achievements are accurately portrayed and celebrated across platforms.

  • Uncapped Exposure
  • Professionally Written
  • Your event, gig, song or album reviewed
  • Uncapped Audience
  • 15,000 Monthly Void Visitors
  • Social Media Support
  • Continuous Promotion
Professionally Written
Positive Representation
Social Media Engagement
Continuous Publicity

With over 15,000 monthly Void visitors, our platform is the place to be. Join hundreds of featured artists in the Void today.

Reviewed events, songs, albums, exhibitions, and more: The Void Review Service offers comprehensive evaluations of various creative endeavours, ensuring that each aspect is thoroughly examined and critiqued.

Professionally Written: Our reviews are meticulously crafted with professionalism and expertise, providing insightful analyses while maintaining a high standard of writing quality.

Positive Representation: We prioritize positive representation in our reviews, highlighting the strengths and achievements of artists and their works to showcase their talents to a wider audience.

Affordable: We offer our review services at an affordable price point, making quality feedback and exposure accessible to artists at all stages of their careers.

Review Submission

After your Void submission, we will review your submission to ensure your content and interview qualifies for publication. Read our submission guidelines for more information.

Quote & Service

Once your submission has passed the review stage, Void will contact you with a quote for the full feature article service. You may request additional services such as ticket vending and event passes here.

Service Commencement

Here is where the Void team will work on your Void Feature. Your article will be written by our Editorial team and graphics will be designed and ready for web, socials and print.

Feature Publication

We’re all set for your article to go live! This isn’t the end, we also continuously re-feature your article on our socials and website through our “Featured This Week” addition.

Case Studies


Review Article

Case Study: Midnight Wayne’s Psychedelic 4-Track Album Review

Void Magazine conducted a comprehensive review of Midnight Wayne's psychedelic 4-track album, offering detailed insights into the artist's narrative and individual tracks.
Void Magazine Editorial TeamVoid Magazine Editorial TeamMarch 3, 2024
Review Article

Case Study: WineMom’s Captivating Track Release

The case study for WineMom’s captivating track release offers a fully written professional review that delves into the narrative of the band and provides a detailed analysis of their track “Blood Moon”.
Void Magazine Editorial TeamVoid Magazine Editorial TeamMarch 3, 2024

Getting featured is easy: Follow these 3 steps.

Understanding your chosen service

Here is where we explain your chosen article service.

Article Service Breakdown

Here is where we breakdown the process behind service you have chosen.

Article Interview Submission

Here is where you make your submission to be featured in a Void article.

Stage 2

Review Service Options

Here is where we breakdown the process and benefits behind the review service you have chosen.


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