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The Amniotics have a unique way of telling stories

In the midst of a night out, a chance encounter sparked the genesis of a hauntingly evocative track for The Amniotics. Rebecca, the band’s vocalist, recounts the genesis of their song “HMPB,” a poignant reflection born from an unexpected moment. “I had the title floating about in my head for a while,” Rebecca reveals, “and then, on a seemingly ordinary night, a mundane request for a lighter unfolded into a surreal experience—an unsettling yet oddly enlightening encounter.”

Find out where this bizarre encounter lead to with the words of the artist below

The words of Rebecca from The Amniotics for Voidmagazines All Rights Reserved © Void Magazines

I had the title floating about in my head for a while, and then on a night out a man asked my friend for a lighter and then lit a crackpipe in front of us. I cobbled together a refrain from that experience, and it sort of became the crux of the whole song- that dark humour of being a twenty-year old girl, the anxiety and the disturbing romance of it. I started HMPB as a standard unrequited love song, and it ended up a realisation that childhood had ended and I needed to get it together- I owe the other Amniotics that depth, because their instrumentation is what pushed the song forward.

We initially had teething issues with recording “HMPB”, myself especially- it wasn’t a song where a bare bones approach would have worked, like with “Boomerang”, and I was already anxious about making another “Boomerang”. We spent ten or eleven hours in the studio, I had an internal crisis that I’d written the worst sophomore single to ever hit the airwaves, and then four hours in, when the drums, bass and guitars were recorded, our brilliant Loeka came up with a wonderful monotone harmony line and I slapped a simple synth line on top. I remember sitting in the studio, our lovely producer Colm Drennan playing the entire song back for us, and feeling like we’d broken new ground.

Cat and Loeka mixed the song themselves, with Katie and I giving feedback, and eventually the song emerged, exactly the way I hadn’t even realised I’d wanted it to be.

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