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The Variety Show

Not one to be missed – All for a good cause.

“The Variety Show” was organized as a response to the rise of xenophobia in Ireland, aiming to counteract this cultural trend while generating revenue for The Irish Refugee Council. The motivation behind the event stemmed from a sense of obligation as Irish people, with a history of forced emigration, to welcome and not discriminate against newcomers. The purpose of the event was to create a platform for activism and music, following the tradition of music and social change. Accessibility was crucial, reflected in the affordable ticket price of five euros, ensuring inclusivity for all attendees. The event featured talented up-and-coming acts such as Mabel Thew, Wifeswap, Petrichor, and Anemoia, who delivered a fantastic show. The organizers hoped to inspire others in the Irish music scene to organize similar shows for causes they care about, fostering a spirit of DIY activism. The event aimed to highlight the importance of collective action, valuing the contributions of the audience, artists, collaborators, and organizers equally. By bringing compassionate individuals together, the event aimed to support the charity and create a community where creativity can thrive. The event successfully raised a total of 650 euros for The Irish Refugee Council, making a meaningful contribution to their work in improving the lives of refugees and asylum seekers. Ultimately, the event aimed to contribute to the creation of a more inclusive and equal society for all.


We spoke with Cian and Ronan for the scoop on this amazing movement! Here’s what they’ve had to say!

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What was the motivation for the charity event?


The motivation for “The Variety Show” arose primarily as a reaction to the recent rise in xenophobia in Ireland. It is both alarming and confusing to see this happening in our home, a country whose history is littered with stories of forced emigration and the horrors which inevitably accompany this. We felt, as Irish people, whose ancestors sailed across the Atlantic Ocean and the world for a better life, we have an obligation to welcome people into our home, and to not treat them with the level of discrimination that the Irish diaspora were often subjected to.

Through the likes of events such as this, we can take a stand against this worrying cultural trend, while also generating revenue for a charity who have the capabilities of doing more than us as individuals.

What was the purpose of the event?


In creating “The Variety Show”, we wished to be able to create something bigger than us as individuals, and to enact change. Historically, music and activism have run together hand in hand, and we wished to continue this tradition. It was vital to us that the event was accessible, while also profitable, and because of this, tickets were only five euro. We did not want to host an event whose doors are only open to the economically privileged. Instead, we set out to create an inclusive space where activism and a love for music can thrive. We must of course acknowledge personal motives behind this event, granting us and others the opportunity to see some incredibly talented up and coming acts on a bill together; Mabel Thew, Wifeswap, Petrichor, and Anemoia, who naturally put on a fantastic show.

“We have the privilege to announce that our audience raised a total of 650 euro in aid of The Irish Refugee Council, this money will go a long way in aiding the vitally important work of the charity.”

What do you want people to take from the event?


It was important to us that we promote the spirit of D.I.Y. activism, and potentially encourage other people in the Irish music scene in to put on similar shows for a cause they care about, just as we were inspired by events such as “Give.A.Gaf”, “Solidarity Sessions”, and “A Charity Gig in Aid of Women”. We also wished to promote the importance of collective action, placing equal value on the audience, artists, collaborators, and organisers. In bringing likeminded and compassionate people together, we are able to contribute to a charity that improves the material conditions of refugees and asylum seekers in this country, while also forging a community where creativity can flourish. We believe that by fostering an activist movement such as this, we can help to create a more inclusive and equal society for all.

“We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who bought a ticket and assure them that it shall truly help the Irish Refugee Council in their efforts. We would also like to give a special thanks to The Variety Show Team for the last event, everyone from the musicians, the door staff, and our photographers Will Fahy and Jasmin Grace, who were all instrumental in what we are proud to call a successful event.”


The success and impact of “The Variety Show” in promoting activism, inclusivity, and supporting The Irish Refugee Council makes it an event you simply can’t afford to miss out on next time. The spirit of DIY activism, the incredible talent on display, and the sense of community created through collective action all make it an experience that leaves a lasting impression. Be sure to mark your calendar and join us for the next instalment, as we continue to foster positive change and create a more inclusive society for all.

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