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Sena Dee has undoubtedly experienced an incredible year, marked by numerous achievements and a growing fan base. Building on his soaring popularity, Sena Dee is now preparing to unveil his highly anticipated new single, “Songs About You.” This exciting release features a collaboration between artists from Ghana and Galway, including Cian Sweeney (1000 Beasts), NOONE, Obed, $pacely, and Biqo.

The lead track, “do you have a guy? (NOONE Edit),” showcases Sena Dee’s signature smooth vocals, accompanied by enchanting saxophone melodies and infectious beats. This captivating song is poised to become one of the summer’s biggest hits, further cementing Sena Dee’s status as a rising star in the music industry. Anticipation is high, and “do you have a guy?” is expected to make a significant impact as one of the year’s standout tracks. Fans can enjoy the release on all major streaming platforms starting from July 14th.

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David Alabo, an artist with Ghanaian-Moroccan heritage, has gained recognition for his diverse body of work that delves into themes of displacement, solitude, and introspection. Employing a speculative Afro-surrealist approach, he offers unique perspectives on these subjects. David’s artistic repertoire encompasses various mediums, including computer-generated programming, digital sculpting, and interactive installations. Through his creations, he manages to evoke a blend of fantasy and familiarity, crafting visually captivating artworks.

During their time together in New York last summer, David Alabo collaborated with Sena Dee to design a particular artwork. This piece captures the essence of solitude and the emotions experienced during the process of falling in and out of love. It serves as a visual representation of the complex feelings associated with these experiences, reflecting the depth and intensity of human connection and the accompanying sense of introspection.

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Sena Dee is an emerging sensation in the Irish music scene, celebrated for his captivating vocals and genre-defying sound. Blending elements of hip-hop, R&B, and Afrobeat, Sena Dee has rapidly established himself as one of the most thrilling new artists to watch.

Having grown up in Galway, Sena Dee’s passion for music ignited during his early years, leading him to dedicate himself to honing his skills as both a songwriter and a performer. His debut singles, “Lonely” and “On Read,” received resounding acclaim, setting the stage for a series of successful releases. His music has resonated with audiences and earned him a devoted following on Spotify, where he has been featured on popular playlists such as Alternative Ireland, Fresh Finds UK & Ireland, Alte Cruise, and New Music Friday UK.

Drawing inspiration from a diverse range of artists like Bakar, Van Morrison, Loyle Carner, Thin Lizzy, and J. Cole, Sena Dee infuses their influences into his own artistic journey. With an exciting lineup of releases planned for 2023, Sena Dee’s future holds great promise as he continues to make his mark in the music industry.

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Noone is a talented music producer, remix artist, and DJ hailing from Ireland. He is also recognized as one half of the electronic duo BNKRPT. Renowned for his production skills and collaborative work, Noone has made a name for himself in the music scenes of Ireland, the UK, and the US. His musical style has been likened to that of acclaimed artists George FitzGerald and Jamie xx, showcasing his ability to create captivating and innovative compositions.

In addition to his work as a music producer, Noone has also made significant contributions as a composer in the United States, working on projects such as the renowned game World of Warcraft and the television show Revenge. From his studio, he continues to craft a distinctive electronic sound that resonates in clubs both locally and internationally. While this remix marks his first release of 2023, it certainly won’t be the last time we hear from him this year. Noone’s presence and impact in the music industry are set to endure and evolve.

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BiQo, born as Stephen Sackitey Biko Okletey, is an exceptionally talented afrosoul artist originating from Accra, Ghana. His deep-rooted love for music began at a young age, propelling him towards notable achievements. In 2015, BiQo had the honor of representing Ghana in the MTN Project Fame West Africa music competition held in Nigeria, showcasing his exceptional talent on a regional platform.

BiQo’s musical journey has taken him to renowned stages around the world, including a captivating performance at the illustrious Montreux Jazz club in Switzerland. Collaborating with esteemed producers and musicians such as Kwame Yeboah, Kojo Antwi, and Kobi Onyame, BiQo has honed his craft and expanded his artistic horizons.

Currently, BiQo is a valued member of SuperJazzClub, a thriving Ghanaian Music collective that has experienced tremendous growth in recent years. With an impressive monthly listener count of over 100,000 on Spotify, the collective’s popularity continues to soar. As they prepare for an exciting European tour this summer, BiQo’s presence promises to captivate audiences and solidify his position as a rising star in the afrosoul genre.

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$pacely, formally known as Elorm Kabu Amenyah and casually referred to as Keanu or the Ad-lib King, was born in Accra, Ghana, and spent his formative years in Geneva, Switzerland. Growing up in a multicultural environment, he became fluent in English, French, Twi, and Ga, while also developing a diverse musical taste. His passion for music, fashion, and art flourished when he moved to Ghana in 2012, where he formed a music group during high school with his friend Art Soul Kojo, a talented painter and artist.

In 2016, $pacely crossed paths with producer Kuvie and released his first single, “Love on Drugs” featuring DarkoVibes and produced by NXWRTH. His unique low-pitched slurred voice gained significant attention, setting him apart from the crowd. Immersed in the creative environment of Villain Sounds studio, $pacely bonded with five other talented musicians, leading to the formation of a collective named ‘La Même Gang,’ which translates to ‘the same gang.’ This collective embodied their shared energy, camaraderie, and alternative vision for shaping the future of Ghanaian music. In 2017, $pacely solidified his presence with the release of ‘Digit$’, a captivating trap anthem that showcased his distinct vocal style.

Known for his electrifying live performances, $pacely captivates audiences with his exuberant energy and unique style. His iconic ad-libs have further distinguished him, notably on tracks like “Homicide” by Sarkodie and “Balance” and “Blessing” by Pappy Kojo. $pacely remains a versatile creative, effortlessly switching flows between English, French, and Twi, showcasing his prowess in trap, afropop, and R&B with finesse.

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ProducedByCian is the artistic alias of Cian Sweeney, an accomplished Irish producer who has earned platinum-selling status and established himself as a prominent collaborator in the Irish music scene. With an impressive cumulative stream count of over 40 million, Cian’s productions have featured notable artists such as Robert Grace, Ryan Mack, Shiv, Le Boom, and Rachel Mae Hannon.

Beyond his collaborations, Cian has embarked on his own collaborative project called 1000 Beasts, which has garnered significant attention for its unique soultronic sound. Since the release of his debut album, “Naruda,” in April 2022, 1000 Beasts has amassed over 7 million streams, captivating listeners with its innovative musical approach. Currently, Cian is diligently working on his sophomore album, showcasing his continuous dedication to crafting exceptional music.

Recently, Cian’s latest track, “Brigitte Bardot” featuring Malaki, received recognition by being listed on Notion’s Undiscovered list, further solidifying his position as an artist to watch. With his exceptional talent and ongoing musical endeavors, Cian Sweeney, also known as ProducedByCian, continues to make waves in the industry and captivate audiences with his creative prowess.

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