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So much “Soul” our “Temp”-erature is through the roof!

Soul Temp are an up-and-coming Irish hip-hop collective making some noise in the Irish rap scene. The collective have been making music for a while but have only just released their first single “Darkness” back in the beginning of January.

There are 9 members in Soul Temp and each member is assigned a number that aligns with what number member they are to have joined the group. The frontman of the group, Jaq Reidy is also known as “Soul Temp 1” as he founded the group alongside Pxnit who is known as “Soul Temp 2” we then have the members of the collective who joined more recently, such as Tomi (Soul Temp 8) and Adam (Soul Temp 9).

I sat down with 6 members of the group, Jaq, Pxnit, Sticks, Emmanuel, Tomi and Adam to have a chat with them. I was unable to get a hold of the other three members Micheal (Soul Temp 4), Kylte (Soul Temp 5) and Matt (Soul Temp 7) but we agreed that they were there in spirit.

There’s a good few of them right? They’re only two members short of being a full football team. Well as Jaq said to me during this interview “There’s 9 members, and it’s going to stay that way! Until we find Soul Temp 10…”.

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The words of Soul Temp captured by Robert Rawson All Rights Reserved © Void Magazine

Alright, so just to kick things off. Can you all introduce yourselves, your number and what it is you do for Soul Temp? Go in whatever order you guys like.

Jaq: I guess we’ll go from number 9, Adam?

Adam: I’m Adam, Soul Temp 9. I rap, I promote the group and make some memes for the group.

Tomi: I’m Soul Temp 8 I rap, myself and Emmanuel come up with concepts and ideas for promotion and things like that.

Emmanuel: I’m Emmanuel Chucks aka Soul Temp 5 and Jaq’s manager. Sexiest member of the group, most stylish member of the group, I rap, I produce, I write, I am the therapist of the group and also… I am one sexy motherfucker.

Jaq: Alright, Sticks you’re up

Sticks: I’m Soul Temp 3. I’m Sticks, that’s me and I rap, I produce, well nothing for Soul Temp, I’m trying to get better at it.

Pxnit: I’m Pxnit, Soul Temp 2. I’m a producer and co-creator of Soul Temp.

Jaq: I’m Jaq Reidy, I’m Soul Temp 1. I co-founded this group with Pxnit. I mainly rap but I also produce, I did produce the only song we have out right now.

Pxnit: You’re group leader.

So how did Soul Temp come to be? I know you guys didn’t all meet in the same place or at the same time. Seems like the process of building Soul Temp as a collective was a gradual one, take me through it.

Tomi: I did a couple of features with Jaq. I had met Emmanuel before, I knew Matt since like 2017. One day they were all in the studio working on a song, they almost scrapped it but I said no, let’s finish this up, I threw some Tomi on it you know. That song ended up becoming a Soul Temp song and that’s how I became apart of the group and I think it was around that time that Adam became apart of the group as well.

Adam: Same day!

Tomi: Yeah, same day. But yeah maybe I skipped a couple of steps because me and Adam are Soul Temp 8 and 9 so…

Jaq: Yeah, Tomi’s got that section covered but before all of that it started when I had met Pxnit and we were starting to get to become friends. We were in Pirate Studio one day and I was like “I’m thinking of starting this collective kinda thing called Soul Temp” he was down. I said that I’d be Soul Temp 1 and he’d be Soul Temp 2. Then Sticks came to the studio and we were like “That’s Soul Temp 3”. Then fast forward a couple months later, Pxnit had a free gaff for like 2 weeks. We were just making music, I was staying over at his house and we’d just invite people over. Emmanuel stayed there for a couple of days, Kylte stayed there a couple of days. That’s when we first met Matt as well and Michael as well. So yeah that two week span when were just making music in Pxnit’s house was when we sort of formed the basis of the group.

Pxnit: Yeah, Jaq would be at mine and then he’d have connections and say “Let’s bring them here” and we’d record some stuff. That’s basically how we met everyone.

Emmanuel: I had met Matt in work, then I pretty much introduced him to everyone.

Jaq: Then one day we all went to Matt’s, met Tomi and Adam, and the rest is history…

I’m aware some of you guys are in college and have full time jobs, how do you find the balance between music and college life/work life?

Jaq: Well to be honest we’re all a bit busy at the moment so it’s hard but once we all get in a room together we get things done. We have like 15-20 songs ready to go.

Tomi: It’s hard to find time to all come together to work collaboratively on a project when we all have stuff going on outside of Soul Temp. Like we all have our own solo music, some of us have acting gigs, modelling gigs but at the end of the day we’re still putting in the work. For example, Jaq sent me a beat the other day, I loved it and I’ve been writing to it. So even when we’re not together we can still work together and put in the effort for the group.

Emmanuel: Exactly, even if we’re not seeing each other, the creative aspect is still there. The goal hasn’t changed.

Jaq: Soul Temps idea isn’t “we’re a group and we spend a bunch of time staying together making music”. It’s just an escape from our solo stuff, we’re all doing solo stuff and taking it pretty seriously. Soul Temp is just something when we come together and just make something that’s fun and goes hard. We can not see each other for months and then just come together and make a banger. It’s a way to have fun with people with different loves of music just coming together, having fun and going crazy.

Pxnit: I feel like what we do is pretty different, like our style of music isn’t your typical hip-hop. We sample some crazy shit. We’re still sort of finding our sound to be honest, but once we do people will know “Oh this is a Soul Temp beat for sure”.

Emmanuel: I wouldn’t even say it’s the fact we’re finding our sound, it’s more so that we’re going to be everybody’s sound. We’re going to mash RnB, we’re going to mash Rock. We’re not really gonna overthink it, we’re just going to vibe as Soul Temp.

Pxnit: It’s a vibe.

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