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Let us tell you about this blockbuster tune...

“Stranded at the Airport” is an indie-alt rock song that features a dynamic blend of synth, guitar, drums, bass, and a powerful female voice. The opening chords of the song are ominous, evoking the sense of being stranded in a vast, empty space, something about this song reminds me so much about my first time listening to the legendary band, Pink Floyd. The opening arrangement of synth and drums with scatter of electronic beeps and button presses truly gives me that Pink Floyd Nostalgia. Not to mention that opening word… “Life” followed by the beautiful upward strum of a reverb cranked guitar as the beat kicks in, the rhythm picks up, propelling the song forward with a sense of urgency.

Stranded at the Airport

“Stranded at the Airport was written on a whiteboard as opposed to paper and pen. Being one of the first songs we played together, it would have been in the set we planned to play for our first gig, that was cancelled because of covid in March 2020. We’re all fairly happy that version never made it to a stage. The song has changed so much over the near three years to it’s release. Our Drummer changed in early 2021 and our new man Eoghan helped put a solid base for us to work off with the track, changing up parts to a more  minimalistic early emo approach (the fill at 2:55 is as sunny day real estate as it gets).

We recorded a demo of this track in Eoghan’s caravan in Slane, on a real muggy swampy day in July. That was then sent on to Chris Ryan along with a proposition of working together. The biggest development for stranded was when we sat down to chat about what the song should be with Chris. He helped us screw our heads on, settling us into a slightly slower steadier tempo and pointing out the impact of certain parts we had never really noticed before. Small things, like how the line from the first bridge “Don’t get the use of it, Feel the abuse of it again” really stood out. Chris helped push us towards a more electronic sound we weren’t too sure about at first, suggesting a soft synth part in verse two to fill space and later sampling the aforementioned phrase to sit over the crescendo of noisy guitars at the end. Aside from the significant increase in sound and production quality between the Demos and studio version, what really makes the single for us are these small details that can come to you during the creative process if you keep your mind open change.” 

The words of Luke White from CABL for voidmagazines. 

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Our lowdown on Stranded at the Airport

The vocalist Ava Durran takes centre stage, belting out the lyrics with raw emotion and power. Her voice has a distinct edge to it, conveying a sense of frustration and longing. The lyrics themselves speak to the experience of being stuck in transit, of feeling lost and disconnected from the world. The chorus is particularly catchy, with the band building up to a crescendo of synths, guitar, and drums.

Throughout the song, the synth plays a prominent role, adding layers of texture and atmosphere to the track. The guitar  and bass are both driving and melodic, providing a solid backbone to the song. The drums, meanwhile, are tight and punchy, providing the perfect accompaniment to the vocals.

Overall, “Stranded at the Airport” is a powerful indie-alt rock song that showcases the talent and creativity of the band “CABL.” The combination of synth, guitar, drums, bass, and a powerful female voice creates a sound that is both unique and unforgettable… and distinguishably Irish. 

Stranded at the Airport


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