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Detrimental – Suga Knuckle

Top of the rocks.

“Detrimental” is a rock anthem that showcases the talents of each instrument in the band. The opening bass riff sets the tone for the track, immediately grabbing the listener’s attention. However, it’s not only the bass that takes centre stage driving the rhythm forward with its intense and catchy line it’s the combined talents of all five members of Suga Knuckle.

As the song progresses, the drums come in, adding a dynamic element to the overall sound. The vocals are strong and emotive, delivering a message of warning and caution with passion and conviction.

In the bridge section, the guitar takes on a more prominent role, delivering a memorable mix of chord changes that showcase Suga Knuckle’s range and versatility. The lads build upon this, adding texture and complexity to the track.

This section builds to a powerful and explosive chorus, where the full force of the band is unleashed. The guitar riffs and solos soar above the driving bass and thunderous drums, while the vocals reach new heights of intensity and emotion.

Throughout the track, each instrument plays a vital role in creating a cohesive and powerful sound. The bass line remains the driving force, but it is the combination of all the elements – guitar, bass, drums, and vocals – that make “Detrimental” a rock track that is impossible to ignore.

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