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This track is sweet!

Galway rapper and 2FM Rising Artist for 2023 Sweetlemondae, has released an empowering and modern pop anthem, dedicated to and inspired by the Republic of Ireland Women’s National Football Team. ‘Turn The World’ out now on Diffusion Lab is her brand-new single written to celebrate and highlight the success of the Girls in Green!

Inspired by the historic achievement of the Irish Women’s Football Team qualifying for the World Cup for the first time ever, the video for ‘Turn The World’ depicts the positive and momentous impact the team have had on people, the length and breadth of the country. The accompanying visualiser (watch HEREwhich is released today, places emphasis on the importance of believing anything can be achieved through formidable dedication, passion, consistency and hard work.

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Speaking about the track, Sweetlemondae explains it’s about “flipping the script on anything that has ever been said you, that is intended to deter you from doing what you want. I wanted this song to capture the importance of what the girls in green have been working towards for so many years.”

Reiterating the significance of the Girls in Green making history and setting records for Ireland, Sweetlemondae pours her passion into the track, with the purpose to inspire and “serve as an anthem for the whole country.” Spotlighting the powerful achievements of the Irish Women’s Football Team, Sweetlemondae raps “It’s time for my nation to see me shine, getting down to the baseline, kicking it like we run this town.”

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