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Our featured artists, musicians, designers and mixed medium artists have shared some words about their experiences with Void Magazine.

In my experience, working with Void magazine and Rob has been an open space where I feel as an artist I can express my creative ideas and reach a new audience. Their interview section is something I feel is new in terms of music and creative media in Ireland, a space that’s provided to artists to showcase their work, something I feel hasn’t ever really been there or been as accessible. I feel that they are very open and committed to pushing art to new audiences, from smaller artists to bigger acts as well.

My experience with Void has always been positive and it is a pleasure to see the platform grow while pushing home grown talent here in Ireland. I look forward to following their journey and working with them further in the future as they expand and prosper.

James ShannonMusician

Void is fantastic and Rob is a great guy to deal with. We’ve had a few features which gave us the opportunity to convert readers to listeners. His interviewing style is superb – really relevant, thought-out questions that gave us the freedom to express ourselves. The times we’ve worked together so far have been stand-out positive press experiences for all of us. It’s such a treat that the visual style is eye-catching and professional. We’ve spoken to many people who concur. We’re big fans.

UnstuckBand, Musician

Working with Void magazine was an absolute pleasure. In the team I found a committed and enthusiastic reception from people committed to highlighting our vibrant Art scene, from up and coming artists to those already established. Void highlighted my work and brought another level of understanding out of myself through the thoughtful questions posed. They really made the effort to let my poem resonate with themselves and the collaboration post itself was a reflection of this – tasteful, poignant, and fully capturing the theme of my writing. It was lovely to see my work brought to life in the manner they did it in.

Void is a magazine that gave me a voice and platform when I was starting out and will always appreciate and be thankful for that. They Are doing great things!

Mikey CullenMusician, Poet

Void Magazine has been the missing piece in the Irish Music Industry. They offer up a platform to up-and-coming/independent Irish musicians and gives them the opportunity to talk freely about their creative process. Void Magazine not only shows an earnest interest in the music they choose to feature (they have a wide and eclectic taste and feature lots of different type of musicians) they also really want to hear the tale that the artist has to offer and are willing to give even the newest of artist a chance to be heard. With every artist they feature and song, they review Void Magazine is filling a hole in the music scene that has been waiting to be filled for a very long time.

Rosie SpiroTrinkets - Band

In a turbulent music industry, where local artists find it more and more challenging everyday to be seen, Void is one of the few magazines that gives the care and attention to local acts who are the true heartbeat of the Irish music scene.

Void provides a thorough and in-depth analysis of everything they cover, presented with sleek and professional visuals.

FulvettaBand, Musician

I was so delighted to be a featured artist in Void as I had been a fan of reading the features on local bands for a long time.

It was a great opportunity for me as I had never really had a platform to talk about my work like that before. It’s a really amazing thing The Void does, giving artists a the space and voice to talk about their work and the communities they’re part of. The interview was really great and the format left it open for me to discuss what I wanted to talk about.

I think places like Void really matter because they’re the places you find new things and passionate people.

Ferdia McMorrow (Flag.Acid)Artist

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