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One of a kind… The Fifth Kind.

One of a kind, The Fifth Kind, a duo hailing from the scenic landscapes of Tipperary and Wexford, these guys aren’t just your ordinary musicians. Evan Butler and Andrew Berry are all about the music and the magic it weaves. In their eyes, they’re songwriters first, and they’re on a mission to prove that music knows no bounds. We’ve spoken with the duo to go behind the music on their latest track you can check that out below!

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The tune started back in June of 2021. Evan wrote the chorus first, during a studio session we were having for a completely different song. About 6 months later when listening to some R&B tunes, Evan was influenced to come up with the verse for the song. There were no proper lyrics as we usually write the melody first and focus on the lyrics afterwards.

Around April of 2022, 10 months later, Andrew brought the song back to life by doing a demo of it, taking influence from songs of the 1970s like Dreams by Fleetwood Mac and some soul classics. This helped to cement the vibe of the song as we weren’t sure which direction to take it in. He added the vocal bridge section, guitar solo and everything else fell into place. After this happened we both knew we were onto something and decided to record it properly and work on it further.

We wrote the lyrics together, bouncing ideas back and forth. The lyrics seem like a strained relationship on the rocks, but it’s also about the relationship breakdown within society and realising how flawed it all is. The lie that money will solve all of your problems, entering the rat race as a means of making it further in adulthood.

We then recorded the song in Andrews home studio where we do all our recordings, playing and engineering everything ourselves. Evan then added the acoustic intro and the first verse section, which has a slightly slower tempo.

You’ll be hearing plenty more from us.

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