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Genre-Defying: Works that combine styles or defy classification

In a vibrant return to the music scene, Fiona O’Loughlin, the multidisciplinary artist hailing from Co. Clare, Ireland and now residing in the hustling city of New York, USA is set to captivate audiences once again with her latest releases. After the success of her debut single “From The Sea,” which featured jazz musicians Oceanna and was celebrated by HotPress and Nialler9, Fiona is back with two new singles that showcase her versatility and creativity.

March 8th marked the release of “Rarin To Go,” a dynamic collaboration with Dublin’s hip hop artist James Shannon and masterfully produced by Conor Eiffe. This track is a bold departure from her previous work, diving into the realms of electronic sounds and hip hop. Fiona describes the track as a celebration of life’s adventures and the courage to pursue one’s passions fearlessly.

So, give us the breakdown of what your latest track is all about?

Rarin To Go is about the adventures of life and going for it. Using your voice, talents, ideas, and believing that you can make anything happen if you put your mind to it.

This energetic anthem emerged from a creative workshop with John Cummins, one of Ireland’s most respected poets and lead vocalist of Shakalak. Fiona’s journey through writing sixteen bars and crafting hooks was a collaborative effort that brought new dimensions to her music. The track features the unique contributions of Manchester musician Simon Mathewson and electric guitarist Thunder Perfect Mind, blending varied elements into a cohesive and compelling piece.

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On April 12th, Fiona released “I Love You,” a techno spoken word piece produced by Croatian musician Mario Galic, known as Singerman. This introspective track delves into self-love and the journey of healing. Fiona’s poignant lyrics urge listeners to embrace their fears and anxieties, transforming them into strengths.

Techno Spoken Word? You don’t hear that quite often… what can we expect from this hybrid?

I Love You is about loving the parts of yourself that you cannot control. It’s about naming and letting go of our anxieties, toxic habits, and behaviours that hold us back from reaching our true potential.

Fiona’s background in music is as eclectic as her recent releases. Influenced by Irish traditional music and a lifelong passion for sound, she brings a deep understanding of how music can alter consciousness and evoke profound emotional responses. Her move to Dublin introduced her to the vibrant hip hop scene, inspiring her to blend these influences into her work.

Her connection with James Shannon began when she invited him and Noremac to perform at her platform “The House of Emerald,” which showcases emerging artists. James’s diverse musical range, from upbeat dance tracks to socially conscious pieces, impressed Fiona and laid the foundation for their collaboration on “Rarin To Go.”

Fiona on what music means to her:

I have so much fun when it comes to making music. It’s about the creation and the journey of getting something out in the world that you never thought you could do.

Fiona’s ability to merge different genres and her commitment to authentic expression are evident in her latest work. Both “Rarin To Go” and “I Love You” carry messages of empowerment and introspection, encouraging listeners to confront their fears and embrace their true selves. As Fiona continues to explore new musical landscapes, she promises more surprises and innovative blends of traditional Irish music and poetry in her future releases. The anticipation for what she will create next is palpable, and her journey is one to watch closely.

Here at Void, we are massive fans of Fiona O’Loughlin’s musical style and artistic choices. Her fearless experimentation and dedication to her craft inspire us deeply. Fiona’s unique ability to blend genres and evoke profound emotions through her work makes her an artist we wholeheartedly admire and support. We eagerly look forward to seeing what she will come up with next and how she will continue to push the boundaries of her artistry.

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