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Bandages for an aching heart.

Allow us to introduce Emma Noodles, a 21-year-old singer-songwriter making waves in the music scene, hailing from the vibrant locale of Kildare. With music deeply ingrained in her life since childhood, Emma’s journey is a testament to her unwavering passion for the craft. For her, music isn’t just a pursuit—it’s the very essence of her being. She finds her truest joy in the creative process, where every session feels like a magical unveiling, breathing life into melodies and lyrics to craft something truly artistic. Beyond her musical endeavors, Emma’s creative flair extends to making and directing videos, showcasing a multifaceted talent that seeks expression in various artistic forms. Join us as we delve into the world of Emma Noodles, a rising star bringing a fresh voice and boundless creativity to the music landscape.

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Sore Heart is the most special song i have written so far. It’s about heartbreak from a sisters perspective and also missing your childhood. My big sister who’s also my best friend moved away from home which was obviously difficult not seeing her anymore,I missed her a lot and felt really lonely. She went through a hard break up and it was really tough not being able to comfort her, needing to do it through a phone. I wrote the song on valentines day while i was working in a perfume stand.

I remember texting her and she was really sad and low and telling me her heart was sore and i was like ok i gotta write a song about this now. I had the song written after my shift, i then met up with my good friend Erik who produces my music and he started playing this guitar progression i loved. I wanted the vibe to be dark and eerie, He started doing this this cool creepy sound on the guitar sliding up and down with a coin lol. The melody then just came to me quicky and i remember loving it and i thought it was very catchy, it ended up also sounding really pretty but the same time haunting.

I added lotsss of harmony’s in the background and we ended up leaving them on they’re on for the outro with cute sparkles and strings. The song has such a cool new sound to it. It blends the elements of folk and modern song writing, an acoustic ballad with vintage production throughout.

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