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The Rolling Stones and Altamont 1969

The Rolling Stones & Altamont 1969 Pt. 1

April 27, 2023
December 9th 1969 is an infamous date in the history of rock and roll for all the wrong reasons. What was originally capped as Woodstock…

In Conversation With Rae

April 24, 2023
‘Rae’ is a singer-songwriter originating from Galway, now living, writing, and performing in Dublin. I meet with her upstairs in a bar, almost damper than…

What’s In Store For 2023

January 1, 2023
Let’s bring y’all up to date on what’s happening in the void this upcoming year. With so much creativity happening out there we realigned the…


October 7, 2022
Written by Robert Byrne All Rights Reserved © VoidMagazines. VoidMagazines does not own the copy right for the original images found on this webpage.The Creative…

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