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Crafting Sonic Harmony from Schoolyard Bonds

A tight-knit group of schoolboy mates, they’ve cultivated their musical synergy over six years, gracing stages in venues across Ireland to perfect their craft. The essence of The WU (Formerly known as Weather Underground) lies in their genuine love for the art of music.

With a commitment to quality, The WU seamlessly incorporates different genres into their song writing, creating a sound that resonates with both the band and their fans. Beyond the pursuit of fame or commercial success, their music is an authentic expression of what they enjoy playing and listening to. In this exclusive interview, Dan Brady takes us on a journey through the band’s evolution, shedding light on their unique approach to song writing and the deep camaraderie that fuels their musical endeavours. Join us as we unravel the story behind Weather Underground’s sonic tapestry, woven from the threads of friendship and a shared passion for creating music that stands the test of time.

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“Melt” lyrically depicts the awkward excitement of the early stages of a fling, however the speaker is tainted by previous rejections and failed relationships. There is optimism in the chorus, I’m pleading with someone to “be distracted”, at least for a little while, away from the harshness of our reality. I wanted the lyrics to show some hope and a even bit of brashness and audacity amongst all of the anxiety.

The guitar riff you hear at the start is actually the first thing that came to me, it sounded a bit ’90s and had a fun feeling to it so I went along with it. It was easy to convince the rest of the band because it was simply just fun to play! At first it seemed like a weird mix between “Twist and Shout”, with a bit of the Smiths and a sprinkle of The La’s, but I like to think it went on to sound like something new altogether.

It was a real band effort once we went to record it, a more punky feel started to emerge from the chorus in particular. I was blown away by the groove Ciaran (Shark) had come up with on the spot for the bass parts. The track features some expert drumming by Dan Kearns, but the call and response style backing vocals he conjured up for the outro made the song infectious. It potentially awakened a new appreciation for layering lots of backing vocals in our songs. This was topped off by Karl’s twinkly lead guitar lines that nobody else would have thought of. Suddenly, it became a real Friday night song, yet if you look deeper it’s a little more than that.

While the song is about grabbing the attention of someone you like, in a way it reminds me of the experience of being in a band. We do it because there’s no better way to be distracted from the world than making music with your mates.

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