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J HUS: Beautiful and Brutal Yards Tour – 3Arena Saturday 28th October 2023


After a hiatus of three years, London rapper J Hus set the scene alight recently with his single ‘It’s Crazy’ which earned him a Top 15 across the Official UK Singles Charts. If that wasn’t enough, a mere few weeks later he came with the explosive ‘Who Told You’ Ft. Drake which earned him the biggest first week streams of 18 million worldwide, and a #2 across the Official UK Singles Charts. The darling of UK Rap has now announced the release of his third album ‘Beautiful And Brutal Yard’ , which is due for release July 14th. The album will feature a stellar line up of collaborators including Burna Boy, Popcaan, Jorja Smith, CB, Naira Marley, Villz and Boss Belly.

J Hus is also delighted to announce details of his Beautiful and Brutal Yard Tour for later this year, which will kick off at Dublin’s 3Arena on Saturday October 28th 2023.

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Irish alt-pop artist Kellie Lewis releases beautiful and cinematic new single ‘Reverie’


“If you have a dream, no matter what it is, never ever give up on it. If you are lucky enough to know what your life purpose is, strive to achieve that every day and bring that into existence. Persevere and believe in yourself; find the beauty in your mistakes and learn the lessons that need to be learned. When the going gets tough, get tougher. When it feels like it’s time to give up, to say ”goodbye” to your dream, remember Rome and the unfathomable length of time it took to create the sheer beauty of it all. The beauty is in the journey, always.” – Kellie Lewis

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 The Fae release gloriously jangly new single  ‘do you mind if i miss you?’


The Fae are a hot and sexy new alt-rock trio from Dublin, Ireland. Steeped in mythology and hearsay, The Fae came together at the beginning of 2022.  Channelling elements of indie, power pop, shoegaze and alternative rock, they seek to permeate their new brand of big chorus guitar music.

Sometimes you understand why people behave the way they do but that doesn’t make it ok to be nasty. I guess it’s about finding compassion, the additional spoken word section reflects on the emotions that come up when you notice a sudden distance between someone you were once very close to, it was a way to admit that although so many years have past ‘i still miss you, i hope you don’t mind?’.”

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I’m here to share some exciting details about the upcoming AMM show in Galway. We’re thrilled to announce that AXIS OF, a fantastic rock band from Northern Ireland, will be performing a special one-time show at Aras Na nGael on the 20th of July. The lineup for the event is packed with talent, featuring AXIS OF, BANNERED MARE, HIS FATHERS VOICE, and Mommothead. Moreover, this gig is part of the Aras ran festival called AR IMEALL, which will be held at Aras from July 16th to August 15th.

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Ard Ó set to unleash fierce and striking new single ‘Sensory Seeker’


“Sensory Seeker is a story, which, I think a lot of people, particularly people who have struggled with mental health can relate to, where you create this false end goal or grass is greener scenario and once you have reached that goal or crossed that bridge you find that you are no different to how you felt in the first place. ‘No emeralds here you realise, will you ever be satisfied’. In short the song highlights this struggle of coming to the realisation that this end goal of contentedness won’t automatically come from completing a certain task or journey and that it is alot more complicated than that”

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