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Bombay Bicycle Club // 3Olympia Theatre

Bombay Bicycle Club have been writing songs for Saturday nights and songs for Sunday mornings since their mid-teens. They still remain one of the most inventive, insistent and, arguably, influential British guitar bands of the past generation, which says much to their powers of reinvention. It also speaks to the band’s effortless ear for a melody and its deployment. Bombay Bicycle Club has just announced their headline gig in the 3Olympia Theatre, Dublin on Tuesday 30th January 2024, as part of their 2024 UK & Ireland tour.

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Uk/Irish Trio New Rules Drop New Single and  Video for “Ghost Town”

OCTOBER 13, 2023 – UK/Irish trio New Rules have released new single “Ghost Town.” The captivating track premiered last night on BBC Radio 1’s Future Pop. Written by New Rules and John Ryan [One Direction, Niall Horan, Sabrina Carpenter], “Ghost Town” laments the demise of a relationship and the feeling of abandonment that comes after (“My heart / it’s a ghost town / when you’re not around / I’m running out of ways to tell you that I need you now”).

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PinkPantheress // 3Olympia Theatre

Multi-platinum recording artist, songwriter, and producer PinkPantheress has been on an upward trajectory since 2021. PinkPantheress’ introspective lyrics and ability to create infectious beats have garnered her a dedicated fan base. PinkPantheress has just announced her headline gig in the 3Olympia Theatre, Dublin, on Tuesday the 20th of February 2024, as part of the Capable of Love Tour.

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Slayyyter // 3 Olympia Theatre

Hollywood has told countless stories but it’s never told a story quite like this…In a short spell, the Midwest-born pixie managed to transform into an erotic electronic pop femme fatale. Slayyyter has just announced her headline gig in The 3Olympia Theatre on Sunday the 11th of February 2024.

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Alicia Raye x Becky McNeice release new single ‘Faucet’ Friday 13th

Dublin, October 12, 2023 — In a dynamic collaboration, two emerging Irish music talents, Alicia Raye hailing from Drogheda, and Becky McNeice from Belfast, have proudly announced the upcoming release of their fresh single, “Faucet,” scheduled for launch on October 13th. This soulful track heralds the inception of their joint EP, “Love Letters,” a profoundly intimate musical journey spanning four captivating tracks, set to unravel from August to November.

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RACHEL unleashes fierce, infectious and memorable new single ‘No Returns Policy’

The song resembles what it feels like to have your heart returned to you after it’s been broken. This track was written reflecting on past relationships and displays a sudden realisation of the way you were treated. It’s about picking yourself back up after heartbreak and no longer settling for less than you deserve.

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