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An emotional escape

Conor Miley, a Dublin-based songwriter, singer, multi-instrumentalist, and composer, captivates audiences with his emotive music that blends folk, indie, and electronica. After gaining recognition with his band We Raise Bears, Miley embarked on a solo career, pouring his heart into his upcoming debut album, “Thousand Yard Stare,” which explores themes of love, loss, and fatherhood in contemporary Ireland. With singles like “Father’s Day” and “Thousand Yard Stare” receiving acclaim, Miley has formed a band and is set to tour, with performances lined up at notable venues across Ireland.

We spoke with Conor about his latest “Thousand Yard Stare” track and the accompanying powerful video.

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‘Thousand Yard Stare’ is a song about the anxiety felt in a relationship by someone with an anxious attachment style and how this can push their partner away. I wanted a video that captured that unease and restlessness. While attending a gig at the end of 2022 I saw Dr Count Evil perform in between bands. They stole the show. I immediately began to formulate an idea where they could embody the character in the lyrics through their movement.

Contacting them on Instagram, I was delighted that they agreed to perform in the video. I gave them free reign to interpret the song and, inspired by jazz and contemporary, they pushed their movements in a way they don’t often get to do on stage in drag. The song is so desperate and full of longing but gives way to so much freedom and energy that they embodied in their performance. Michael-David Mckernan (director) chose a location in the Project Arts Centre that really enhanced the interpretation of those anxious feelings.

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