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Rockin Personality? Check Out Tonality.

Piercing vocals, bombing bass, explosive drums and a string bending, hair-raising, goose bumping guitar solo to finish us off. Tonality have this rock stuff totally down. There’s no second-guessing this track, it’s heavy and it will let you know right from the get go. What we’re witnessing here is the birth to a band that will undoubtedly leave a lasting mark on the rock music scene. Their raw energy and passion are palpable, igniting a fire within their listeners that refuses to be extinguished. Their music transcends boundaries, capturing the hearts of both seasoned rock aficionados and newcomers alike. We’ve spoken with Tonality to get a behind the scenes insight on their track “Waste My Time On You” You can check that out now below!
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We are TONALITY a Dublin based heavy rock band. Formed in early 2022, we began as group of friends who just wanted to jam out some tunes in an attic. Combining our styles and genres together, we quickly started writing originals. From there, with the few originals we had, we played our first gig in fibber magees in the summer of 2022. Not expecting a huge response the one we received was unbelievable. Since then we have played sold out shows in The Soundhouse and Bello bar. Along with playing in amazing venues such as The Grand Social, Workman’s and Whelans main room. With new music, new friends and a slight lineup change we have just released our debut single “Waste My Time On You”

“Waste My Time On You” was actually the first song we ever started working on as a band and has changed a lot from how it sounded originally . The first demo was much slower, calmer song until we adjusted it to the heavier faster sound of the final song. With the lyrics going through some adjustments too until the final version of the song was complete. The song has been a huge hit live and was ready to be brought to the studio.

The song was created through the main riff which led to a verse, chorus and bridge. After the song was complete as an instrumental the melody and vocals were added and we knew we had something special. We chose this song as our first release as it’s been a crowd favorite for a while and feel it shows the potential of what we are capable of as a band. It’s fast, gripping, heavy and will stick with you.

With melodic vocals, fast riffs, loud and aggressive bass and powerful drumming the track was brought to life and continues to be one of our favorites to play on stage.

This song is the first single of our upcoming album “As They Fall” with a provisional release date in September yet to be confirmed.

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