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Meet Sarah CK

Meet Sarah CK, a bold and honest writer who fearlessly explores taboo subjects in her poetry. With a keen eye for detail and a unique perspective on the world, Sarah’s work challenges readers to confront their own beliefs and assumptions. She is particularly interested in the power of complete honesty and how difficult it can be to achieve, especially for female writers who face additional risks and challenges when writing about certain topics. Through her poetry, Sarah invites us to see the world in a new light and to embrace the power of vulnerability and authenticity. Her words remind us that true courage lies in facing our fears and speaking our truth, no matter how taboo or uncomfortable it may be.

Behind the Poem

I think it’s important to be honest. Sometimes I miss the rotten teeth that got pulled and sometimes I miss partners that weren’t so good for me either. I write mainly about taboos, and I believe there is nothing more taboo than complete honesty. Which is difficult. Especially as a female writer, we don’t get the opportunity to write about sexuality in an intimate and less flowery way, without the subsequent risk of an encore of harassment. I hope this poem evokes a sense of vulnerability and honesty. A perspective of heartbreak and loss that is still playful and a little bit ugly. As it should be.
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Touch my teeth by Sarah ck

that last time
we were together
I had a toothache
wisdom teeth throbbing in irony

I barely but did ignore it
sedated by your hips
to the beat
of my jaws sting

still now, some nights
I swear, just for ease
I close my eyes and reach
mimicking you between my tighs
until my legs stick with sweat
and I let my breath fall high
pacified by self-pitied shame

but it feels so good
to touch my tongue
over the empty gums
where rotten teeth
used to be.

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