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Behind the Poem

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Touch my teeth – Sarah CK

May 7, 2023
I write mainly about taboos, and I believe there is nothing more taboo than complete honesty. Which is difficult. Especially as a female writer, we…

She Breaks Your Purpose – Annie Peter

March 27, 2023
Enter the world of Annie Peter, a wordsmith and spoken word artist, who calls the vibrant city of Dublin her home. Her performances are nothing…
Home - Michael Cullen

Home – Michael Cullen

March 13, 2023
Although on the surface it may seem to be a morose poem, it is a challenge I set myself to keep striving for more, to…

“Sea Swimming Through The Irish Winter” Leon Dunne

February 15, 2023
I felt a great deal of resistance, but after a quick word with myself, persisted onwards. If you can make it through those first two…

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