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Words from KhakiKid For Voidmagazines
“The verses speak to darker times in my past, a feeling of having nothing but holding on to what you do have.
The song came from three or four months of collaboration with Carsten2x. I had never really collaborated with others to the extent I did with him. I’m excited to share new music and to talk about real life and the good and bad times that come with it. I’m constantly working on my live shows too and can’t wait to show people on my Dirt Bird tour.”
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Today’s track ‘Underbite’ sees Khaki (Abdu Huss) lean into a new sonic palette, melding layered & heavily distorted vocals reminiscent of Dijon or Kid Cudi with bracing hyperpop beats arriving in and switching up the track at breakneck speed. A sonic contrast to the jazz inflected hip-hop that formed his debut EP, ‘Underbite’ infuses further genres in a new style for Khaki, a switch up that initially made Abdu anxious – despite ‘Underbite’ being an undeniable mosh-inciting anthem. 

Speaking on today’s track, Khakikid states that “Underbite is about feeling lost or stuck in a dark place. Carsten had this hook about being down and out, and how you don’t want others to see you when you’re in that state.

The verses speak to darker times in Khaki’s past, a feeling of having nothing but holding on to what you do have. On the collaboration, Abdu praises working together as a mechanism to “open each other up to different perspectives on songwriting. It helped me become more comfortable talking about my past and the things that are hardest to talk about. I’ve always wanted to experiment with different sounds too and working with people with experience really helps. It’s made me really excited to work with others too.”

Abdu, who was unaware of his Arab-Irish heritage and his father’s refugee story until he reached adulthood, is committed to creating a sense of belonging for future generations of his community in Dublin. He expresses a desire to connect more with his Arab background, despite it not being a significant part of his life. Abdu aims to represent minority groups that are often overlooked in Ireland and demonstrate that there are places for them to exist. With this aspiration in mind, Abdu plans to collaborate with others and experiment with his music. He is eager to create new music that reflects the highs and lows of real life and showcase his growth during his upcoming Dirt Bird tour.

Abdu’s love for rap music began when his older brother gave him 50 Cent’s “Get Rich Or Die Tryin” CD. From there, he taught himself how to produce music in his bedroom, which he shared with his three brothers. He focused on creating emotional and expressive lyrics that told a story. Abdu would record himself rapping over beats that he found on YouTube. In 2020, his debut single “Late” introduced his unique style of mixing humorous and self-deprecating lyrics with boisterous rapping. By 2021, Abdu had gained a cult following in Ireland, and his music had started to attract fans from all over the world. His debut EP, “Elevator Music,” received critical acclaim upon its release in September 2020. Fans eagerly await Khakikid’s next chapter as he enters his most assured era yet.



Khaki (Abdu Huss) has released his latest track, “Underbite,” and it’s a sonic departure from his debut EP. The song features heavily distorted and layered vocals that remind us of artists like Dijon or Kid Cudi, with electrifying hyperpop beats that switch up the track’s pace at breakneck speed. Despite being anxious about the switch-up in his style, Khaki has produced an undeniable mosh-worthy anthem that blends elements from multiple genres.

Khaki’s lyrics in “Underbite” explore the feeling of being lost or stuck in a dark place, something that many of us can relate to. Collaborator Carsten’s hook addresses the experience of feeling down and out and not wanting others to see us in that vulnerable state. It’s a powerful message that many listeners will connect with.

In addition to his music, Khaki is committed to creating a sense of belonging for future generations of his community in Dublin. As someone who wasn’t aware of his Arab-Irish heritage until adulthood, he aims to represent minority groups that are often overlooked in Ireland and demonstrate that there are places for them to exist. His upcoming Dirt Bird tour is an opportunity for him to showcase his growth and connect with his fans.


Overall, “Underbite” is a powerful track that showcases Khaki’s growth as an artist. The song blends genres and features emotive storytelling that will resonate with listeners. We’re excited to see what’s next for Khaki as he enters his most assured era yet.

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