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September – Valerie Rose

Vivid Vocals and exposed emotions.

Throughout the 3 minute track, a sense of vulnerability is vividly displayed throughout it’s lyrics to give the listener a portal into the mind of the artist. Depicting the change of seasons and elegantly describes the struggle people have in leaving the long, warm, and bright summer days: “Will I lose my feeling after daylight? / Doesn’t feel right that summer said goodbye / Hate to see her go.”

The lyrics, as mentioned earlier, paint a vivid picture of the changing seasons and the inevitable farewell to memories of previous seasons. The track resonates deeply with the artist, serving as a universal reflection on the passage of time and the melancholy that often accompanies it which is on full display throughout her extensive vocal performance. 

Valerie Rose’s vocal performance is nothing short of captivating, delivering each line with a raw and heartfelt intensity that leaves an indelible mark on the listener’s soul. I get a sense of inspiration from the work of Avril Lavinge and Olivia Rodrigo throughout this track!  The music itself is a beautiful blend of melodies that mirror the ebb and flow of emotions, creating a seamless connection between the artist and her audience.

This one is a must listen to, and I can expect it to fit nicely into your latest playlist. 

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September by Valerie Rose / Void Reviewed
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